Interview: Human Giant’s Rob Huebel Shares Funny Stories.

The first time I saw Rob Huebel perform was at NYC’s UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade Theater) in the Assscat 3000improv show with Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers andRob Riggle. At the time his popular “Inconsiderate Cellphone Man” commercial was playing at movie theaters across the country. Over the years we’ve become Internet buddies, making this exclusive interview withRob a cool experience.

Cheroc: Your new show Children’s Hospital featured on the is awesome. Tell us about it.

Rob: Children’s Hospital was the creation of RobCorddry.  He wrote it and directed it and put his pals in it.  It was one of those fun things to do on the Internet where we could say and do whatever we pleased.  I have pretty much always wanted to be a doctor, but I’m too dumb.  And I was born without thumbs.  So I was psyched to be a pretend doctor.  I hear we’re gonna do a season 2.  Stay tuned.

Cheroc: Shutterbugs is one of my favorite sketch series.  How did you and Aziz Ansari come up with the concept?

Rob: Shutterbugs was one of the first thingsAziz and I ever did together.  I had this collection of little kid’s head shots (don’t ask) and Aziz and I wanted to do this sketch on stage at the UCB theater.  Originally we were head shot photographers when we did it live. Then when we decided to make a video out of it, we changed it to be asshole talent agents. Soon after, we got our MTV show and that became a runner that was one of our favorites. All those kids are now in jail, I hear.

Cheroc: What crazy stuff happens behind-the-scenes of Human Giant?

Rob: Human Giant gets pretty crazy behind the scenes.  Lots of guns, prostitutes, and snakes.  But its hard to write comedy so I feel like we deserve those things.

Cheroc: I read on an obscure website: “Rob and Aziz Ansari are the next Vince Vaughn/ Owen Wilson combo.”  Your thoughts?

Rob: Aziz and I are big fans of those guys.  But I feel like if we ever got into a fight with them, we could beat some serious ass.  Did I mention we carry guns?

Cheroc: What have been your best and worst experiences in the industry?

Rob: The best part of doing this is making a living while having fun.  I’ve been able to be involved with some really funny projects and be around people I really admire.  The worst part is standing naked in the mirror every morning and doing my ‘crying exercises’.  It’s emotionally draining.

Cheroc: How would your Eharmony dating profile read?

Rob: I only date off of Craigslist.  ’Casual Encounters’ has given me some amazing lovers and some really fun diseases.

Cheroc: What hidden talents do you possess, or wish you had?

Rob: Not many people know this, but I’m really good at murder.

Cheroc: You are recognized by movie-goers everywhere as the ‘Inconsiderate Cellphone Man’. Was this character based on anyone specific?

Rob: Inconsiderate Cellphone Man was like the first thing I did that got seen by anyone. It ran for a couple of years before movies and people seemed to like it even though it’s obviously really silly.  It was actually based on Abraham Lincoln…if he had had a cellphone…and wasn’t assassinated…minus the beard.

Cheroc: How did you feel being a guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, having first performed in skits on the show?

Rob: My Conan appearance was so fun.  Conan is like the nicest man in the whole world and he made me feel really comfortable.  It was kind of ridiculous because no one knows who I am and I had to follow Martha Stewart.  I could feel the audience going, “who the fuck is this dude??”.  But Conan totally helps you out and sets you up for your best stories. And Martha and I fell in love that day and now I live in a velvet shoebox beside her bed.

Cheroc: What is a typical day in the life of Rob Huebel?

Rob: Wake up at noon.  Nap til 4.  Karate practice til 7:30.  Lou Ferrigno gives me a massage at 8.  At 9pm I always have all-you-can-eat sushi by the dumpster, behind the sushi place near my house.  11pm I mug unsuspecting people in my neighborhood.  12am I huff paint so I can have sweet dreams.  Lather, rinse, repeat…

Cheroc: What’s on the dock for Rob Huebel in 2009?

Rob: We’re writing a Human Giant movie.  So that’s super cool. I Love You Man.  Another Children’s Hospital season.  Some other top secret stuff. But it’s going to be funny, involve explosions, and a dead body.  Possibly mine.

Thanks to Rob Huebel for letting us delve into his cranium in this awesome interview! Check out more about Rob at his website, or send him a Tweet at  You can catch Rob on the tube on VH1′s Best Week Ever, and on his show MTV’s Human Giant…on the web at’s Children’s Hospital…performing at NY and LA’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theater’s… and of course don’t forget to watch the movie “I Love You Man”.