Jay Z Remix Of M.I.A.’s “XXXO”

Jay-Z adds a verse to a newly remixed version of “XXXO” off of M.I.A.’s upcoming and highly anticipated new album, ///Y/. The song is more electro-pop than politically charged hip-hop and with Hov lending his skills, it’s reminiscent of the duo’s first collaboration at the 2009 Grammy Awards with their version of “Swagga Like Us.”

M.I.A., who’s recent controversies range from releasing a graphic and violent video for the song “Born Free”, feuding with Lady Gaga, and getting into it with New York Times reporter Lynn Hirschberg over truffle fries among other things, is gearing up for a busy summer with a tour kicking off in mid-July.

M.I.A. will film a video for “XXXO” with hip-hop director Hype Williams. “XXXO” is the first official single of her new album, which hits stores on July 13th.