Angelina Jolie’s Cross-Dressing Prank

Angelina Jolie dressed up as a man to fool her son.

The 35-year-old actress dons a masculine disguise in scenes for her new action movie Salt and couldn’t resist taking the costume home to play a prank on Maddox, the eldest of her six children.

“I loved doing it, it was the weirdest feeling. I came in and said, ‘Somebody go get Mad, and tell him that there’s a man downstairs.’ He loves the military,” Angelina explained.  “‘There’s a military man that he’s met with mom once and he should come down and meet him again.'”

“And he came in and just like any 7-year-old, he was so almost bored, having to come meet this man, and he said, ‘Hi.’ I just put my hand out, and he said, ‘Hi’, trying to be really polite but really not interested.

“Then I said, in my own voice, ‘Hi honey.’ And he said, ‘Mom?’ And then I said, ‘I get so crazed,’ and he sat and watched me peel the whole thing off and laughed about it, but was definitely like, ‘Don’t do that again.’ “

Angelina also revealed partner Brad Pitt was set for a cameo role in Salt – but had to stay at home and look after their children on the day filming was scheduled.

“We almost had him as the motorcycle guy in Salt,” she said. ” There’s a guy I knock off his motorcycle and take it and speed off somewhere. We wanted to have Brad on the bike. But, he was with the kids that day, so we couldn’t work it out.”

In the film, Angelina plays Evelyn Salt, a woman accused of being a sleeper agent and is on the run to try and clear her name.