Diddy, Dr. Dre Present Diddybeats – The Future Of Sound

Diddy and Dr. Dre are proud to bring you their best collaborative effort yet –Diddybeats.  According to the dynamic duo of musical perfection, Diddybeats are “the future of sound,” and there are no finer judges of that than Diddy and Dre.

Diddybeats are more than just headphones, but a fusion of fashion, music and culture that provide the utmost in clarity and quality.  Diddybeats turn every song, phone call and video into an experience, with stunning depth and crispness and high-end fashion to match.

Like all that Diddy and Dre create, Diddybeats in-ear headphones are nothing but the best – anything less would not have such famous names attached.  Diddybeats are highly fashionable, with the sleek look and feel of leather and a combination of high gloss enamal and aluminum.  Diddybeats are all about sophistication, offering a patent-pending cable that has unmatched flexibility and a tangle-free design.

“I finally heard the way music should sound,” said Diddy, referencing the sonic revolution offered by Diddybeats. “Music is my life, and Diddybeats is an expression of how great sound makes me feel.”

Diddybeats utilize the cutting-edge technology of Monster, a company known for industry-standard quality in sound replication.  This allows Diddybeats to be like a mini soundsystem that you can take anywhere.  The innovative technology and consultation from Diddy and Dre ensures that Diddybeats offer symphonic perfection in your pocket.  Diddybeats are specifically designed to highlight the nuances of today’s hottest music while silencing outside sound.

Diddybeats even offer Monster ControlTalk, which let you control playback on the headphone cable and allow for hands-free phone calls.  And unlike other one-size-should-fit-all headphones, Diddybeats provide multiple-sized eartips to ensure a perfect fit for everyone.