Rick Ross on Teflon Don Production

Rick Ross has been through a lot lately, what with the lawsuit leveled against him by a jailed drug dealer that shares his name threatening to cut into his revenues. However, Ross should register a victory outside of the courtroom on Tuesday, when his latest album, Teflon Don, hits stores.  According to Ross, the key to the success of this album is the production by Justice League.

“Shout out to the Justice League,” remarked Ross, as the group was responsible for “taking it somewhere else,” he said.

According to Ross, Teflon Don was the result of hard work between him and Justice League in terms of putting what he heard in his mind onto the record.  Ross said that the production team seemed to have a keen ear for what he wanted to produce.

“When I do sit down with the Justice League, you know I gave them the visions and concepts for a few records,” said Ross. “They stepped up to the plate.”

Ross said that even though he felt he had a firm grasp on what he wanted, he was still willing to adapt to make Teflon Don the best record he could produce.

“I’m always going to stick to the way I know how to make records, but I understand and accept the music changes,” he said. “So I accept changes, and I expect changes.”

Come Tuesday, we’ll see whether Teflon Don was what you were expecting. You can pre-order the disc here and download other Rick Ross albums here. The official tracklist is below.

Rick Ross Teflon Don Tracklist

1. I’m Not A Star
2. Free Mason
3. Tears Of Joy
4. Maybach Music III
5. Live Fast, Die Young
6. Super High
7. No. 1
8. MC Hammer
9. B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)
10. Aston Martin Music
11. All The Money In The World