Kanye West Sued Over “Stronger” Lyrics By Vince P

Kanye West is right — he has haters everywhere. The latest – rapper Vince P, who claims that Kanye’s Grammy-winning song, “Stronger,” is a rip-off of one of his own.  According to court documents, Vince P alleges that Kanye stole words from a 2006 song also called “Stronger” recorded by the Virginia rapper.

Vince P, born Vincent Peters, filed a copyright infringement case that explains Kanye had access to his song through his business manager John Monopoly, with whom Peters had wished to work.  According to thelawsuit, Kanye’s “Stronger” was released seven months after Vince P sent his version to Monopoly.

The lawsuit alleges that Kanye’s version “copies significant and important parts of Peters’ lyrics identically or almost identically,” including the mutual use of the word ‘wronger’ and references to Kate Moss. The suit calls the Moss issue “a highly unusual and incongruous reference in a hip-hop song.”

The lawsuit seeks to block Kanye, Roc-A-Fella Records and UMG Recordings, Inc., from reproducing, selling, distributing and publicly performing the song. Vince P would also like all copies of the record destroyed. Yikes.