Kanye West on Twitter, Renames Good Ass Job

Are you ready for a peek inside the mind of Kanye West?  If you’re not, then stay as far away from Twitter as you can.  The extremely outspoken, extremely talented rapper has (finally) entered the world of Twitter, so you can get updates from the Life of ‘Ye (theoretically) all day long.

Kanye West undoubtedly lives an interesting life, so he’s one of the few people it might be worth your time to follow on Twitter.  Despite the popularity of the so-called “micro-blogging” social media platform, most of the posts on there are, honestly, utter tripe.  I know you think the world revolves around you, but no one really cares that you got four and a half nuggets in your five-piece crispy chicken meal from Wendy’s.  And there’s nothing says “Drama Queen” quite like posts about how you’re in a bad mood but “don’t want to talk about it.”

Anyway, Kanye’s Twitter account (@kanyewest) is likely going to be the source of some interesting insights on the world of hip-hop, especially as he’s recording his now-untitled record, due for a September 14 release.  Now-untitled, because one of ‘Ye’s first tweets was this, posted today:

Perhaps he’ll reveal the new title via Twitter….who knows?  But the main thrust of this piece is, Kanye is on Twitter, and following him will likely make your life entertaining.  So be sure to follow @kanyewest and @Bloginity, and pick up some Kanye West downloads right here to tide you over until September 14, when TBA is released.

And for more Kanye, check out him premiering some songs off of the new album in this a capella video.