Kelly Osbourne Stands Up For Luke Worrall

Despite the engagement drama, Kelly Osbourne claims she is still “best friends” with Luke Worrall.

The 25-year-old daughter of Ozzy Osbourne – who confirmed last week she had ended her engagement with the model amid rumours he had cheated on her – has defended her former lover and urged fans not to think badly of him.

“‘Please stop bashing luke i dont hate him so why should you?” Kelly tweeted.  “We are still best-friends just not dating so enough now please thank you!”

Despite her heartbreak, Kelly says she is trying her best to stay positive and move on with her life.

“Like i have said onwards and upwards from here thank you guys for all your well wishes/support,” she added. “But lets turn this s**t into a diamond!!!!!”

Despite Kelly’s calm words, the presenter – who started dating the 20-year-old model in May 2008 – has previously posted angry tirades about Luke on her Twitter page.

After news of their separation became public, she wrote: “Luke Worall makes me sick!”

However she has since revealed that she trying not to speak badly of her former lover, but is adamant none of her actions were responsible for their separation.

“At first I wanted to tell everyone everything and completely bash him because I’m hurt and angry,” she explained.  “But at the end of the day, the truth is I did love Luke and that’s all that matters. “

She did still seem disappointed in Luke’s decisions and got in a little dig.

“I kept up my side of the bargain and kept my side of the street clean,” Kelly said. “And no amount of male stupidity and no number of sl**ty girls are going to change that.”