Leonardo DiCaprio Opens Up In A Rolling Stone Magazine Interview

ACTORS-faced, handsome Leonardo DiCaprio knew how to satisfy a desire many women who want to see her body. Evidently, the star of “Inception” is mengumbar sexy body with a bare-chested while shooting the latest cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Something that makes him worry?

“My stomach. It’s something really stupid. The things that do not should not make you worry at all. It’s crazy, how your mind will be a database to make you worry about things that are very arbitrary. I have a life organized, and I’ve put a lot of thought to things I do, and then, you know, my stomach would … I’m just going to sit there, really worried about something silly. ”

Thoughts about growing up?

“Basically I’m a dwarf with the biggest mouth in the world. I’ll talk to anyone and for any fight, and when you tell a child who is three years older than you to push it, you’ll get the ass beat. I was a punk actually, no question about it. ”

About a party at a young age?

“I have to be wild and a little weird, and I do not suffer the same as people who do it now, where they should play it safe so they destroy their credibility. I do not care what others think. It’s also about avoiding tornados that makes chaos, the potential which gives the fall. At the time, ‘Wow, how lucky we do not get along with people or doing things together’ two of my main competitors in the beginning? ‘, blond-haired kids I went to the audition, one hanged himself, , and another died of a heroin overdose. I never became addicted at all. There is no story about me in my own puddle of vomit at the Strip hotel room in Hollywood. ”

Regarding the origin of the story affair with Israeli model Bar Refaeli?

“I have successfully met the girl better before ‘Titanic’. My interactions with them do not have any stigma behind it, not to mention there is the perception of women speak to me for one reason only.”

Concerning his name is always associated with fame “Titanic”?

“It feels like there is a separate entity out there. Not using reference James Cameron, but like being in a little Avatar. (With a frown) It will sound very self-indulgent. It will sound like, ‘Oh, I was a frickin’ Avatar. ” Give me time to rest, I’ve really wanted to puke. “(okezone),