New GQ Magazine Featuring Tracy Morgan Zach Galifianakis and Paul Rudd

If you like Features, consider yourself pandered to! Because there are, like, 589 of them in GQ’s 2010 Comedy Countdown—and at least eight of them are really solid reads. The cover story on page 104, for instance. Anybody can get ZACH GALIFIANAKIS, TRACY MORGAN, and PAUL RUDD together—but who got them to converse entirely in archaic Victorian slang. Take that you muck-sniping toffs!

Or this Bill Murray interview (page 114)/Who knew he lived in a pyramid?

Ever longed to see the the greatest comedy directors of our time, like Judd Apatow and Todd Phillips (and also John Landis the greatest comedy director of the 1840s), mess each other up real bad with ninja weapons? Flip to page 94!

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The “GQ look” is synonymous with classic cool and sophistication, and despite a recent outburst of trendy magazines (think Maxim and FHM) vying for the attention of young professional males, the steeped-in-tradition monthly GQ carries on without missing a beat. Yes, there’s more décolletage gracing the cover than there used to be, but GQ continues to supply enough cultural commentary, celebrity profiles, features, and style guides to keep the modern man in touch with what’s going on in the world from month to month.

GQ‘s ideal reader is probably one who actually might be able to afford any of the high-end suits, shoes, and watches featured among the countless ads packed between the covers. Though the average reader might enjoy scanning a fashion spread about steakhouses entitled “How to Dress for a Porterhouse” and reading articles like “50 Ways to Blow Your Bonus,” it’s unlikely that such folly holds much practical advice. Literary editor Walter Kirn keeps short fiction on display, and Alan Richman’s writing on food and dining out is always entertaining, even when he comes across as borderline cranky. Two regular Q&A features, “The Style Guy” and “Dr. Sooth,” run the gamut from when it’s appropriate to wear a straw hat to problems in the bedroom.