Eminem To Retire? Recovery Emcee Hints At Stopping

Eminem is at the top of his game, and the rap game in general, with Recovery recently certified double platinum in an age when record companies claim they don’t sell records anymore.  Despite the success, though, Eminem claims his days may be numbered.

“I honestly don’t know how much longer I have in this game,” Eminem said.

It sure seems like Eminem still has plenty of momentum, judging by Recovery (review here; download here), as it has spawned two smash hits already, “Not Afraid” and “Love The Way You Lie,” and there are plenty of other worthy candidates on the disc.  Eminem noted that his possible departure wasn’t about not enjoying the work, though.

“I’ll always love hip-hop,” Eminem said. “[But] the day that this is not better than the last will probably be the day I stop.”

A reasonable ambition – no one wants to hang around too long.  Well, most artists don’t; some prefer to cling on endlessly in search of former glory.  Eminem said he wanted to make sure he didn’t overstay his welcome.

“You don’t know how long people are going to want you around,” Eminem said.

The rapper has a point. But at least he’s managed to avoid the Super Bowl halftime show, an appearance that signals you’re a has-been.   Eminem noted that he’s satisfied with what he’s accomplished thus far, but wonders what he’ll do next.

“Realistically, if I don’t rap, what the f*ck am I going to do?” Eminem mused. “It’s too late to be unfamous at this point.”

How about advising other musicians on when they should stop?  First client, Aerosmith, perhaps?  If you’d like to reflect on Eminem’s past successes, you can download Eminem MP3s right here.