Lindsay Lohan – I Want My Career Back

Lindsay Lohan, Vanity Fair

Lindsay Lohan may not have had much to say while she sat in court pouting, but in an interview with Vanity Fairprior to her imprisonment, she let loose a lot.  The Lindsay Lohan interview reveals the actress’ feelings on the pitfalls of fame, her drug use (and non-use), and where she wants her career to be.

In the interview, Lohan sounds determined and, perhaps surprisingly, mature – but an impending jail sentence will do that to you.  One of her top priorities was letting everyone know that she believes in herself.

“I don’t care what anyone says,” Lindsay said in the interview. “I know that I’m a damn good actress.”

According to Lindsay, her talent has been overshadowed by a plethora of problems, but many were caused by family difficulties growing up.

“I think my biggest focus for myself is learning how to continue to get through the trauma that my father has caused in my life,” Lindsay said.

However, the actress also acknowledged that there were some mistakes that resulted from her own foolishness.

“And I know that in my past I was young and irresponsible…but that’s what growing up is,” Lindsay admitted. “You learn from your mistakes.”

And part of moving on from that young and irresponsible era involves setting the record straight on what she did and didn’t do, in the realm of controlled substances.

“I’ve never abused prescription drugs. I never have; never in my life,” said Lindsay. “I have no desire to. That’s not who I am.”

However, Lindsay didn’t put on the “Ronnie from Jersey Shore ‘deny everything'” defense, and admitted some problems.

“I’ve admitted to the things that I’ve done…to, you know, dabbling in certain things and trying things ’cause I was young and curious and thought it was like, okay, ’cause other people were doing it and other people put it in front of me,” explained Lindsay. “And I see what happened in my life because of it.”

One of the consequences was having to show off a SCRAM bracelet as an accessory to make sure she wasn’t drinking excessively.  Lindsay points out that experience proved she wasn’t an alcoholic, despite what rumors at the time were.

“If I were the alcoholic everyone says I am, then putting a bracelet on would have ended me up in detox, in the emergency room,” Lindsay said. “Because I would have had to come down from all the things that people say I’m taking.”

Whether you believe Lindsay’s statements or not, one thing is for sure – she sounds determined to get back to the trajectory she once was on.  But is this a statement similar to Paris Hilton’s pledge to get out of the party scene and concentrate on charity work?  Only time will tell.

“I want the respect that I had when I was doing great movies. And if that takes not going out to a club at night, then so be it – it’s not fun anyway,” said Lindsay. “I want my career back.”