T.I. Shares Secrets on King Uncaged

Now that he’s a free man, T.I. feels he can enjoy some freedom of speech on King Uncaged.  The rapper has revealed that he may be letting loose with some never-before-heard information on the new disc, as he’s already served his time and doesn’t think things will be held against him.

“There were things that it was in my best interest not to say, you know details that it was in my best interest not to share,” T.I. explained. “I no longer have that obligation and ain’t no telling what you might hear.”

And for those who think they’re mind readers, T.I. says there will still likely be some surprises lurking.

“There might still be some things that you thought you knew, that you didn’t really know,” he said.

King Uncaged hits stores September 28. You can pre-order it here and pick up some other T.I. downloads here.