Tamar Kaprelian on Sinner Or A Saint, Personal Life

Tamar Kaprelian

For someone who just released an album, Tamar Kaprelian is surprisingly grounded.  The singer and songwriter, who released Sinner Or A Saint on August 24, credits this to her Armenian upbringing – “I grew up in a very loving household and I find that that keeps me grounded,” Tamar says.

And perhaps that is also why Tamar’s music has an undeniable sense of honesty and sincerity.  The talented singer introduces a flurry of emotion on Sinner Or A Saint, but whatever the mood, it never feels manufactured or forced.  Tamar’s perspective is fresh and engaging, and Sinner Or A Saint is not to be missed..

In this Bloginity exclusive interview, Tamar discusses her album as well as her inspirations, and divulges some secrets about her personal life.

Brian: When did you discover that your musical talent could take you to the next level?

Tamar: According to my parents, I was singing before I was talking, so music was a gift that came very naturally to me. I began to realize my gift of songwriting at the age of fourteen and fifteen; I not only wanted to be a performer but a career artist and a songwriter.

Brian: When you entered the “Apologize” Cover Contest, what were your expectations?

Tamar: Honestly, my theory is, no expectations amount to no disappointments. I wasn’t expecting a single thing, so when the news came to me that I had won the contest, I was beside myself. That opportunity opened many doors for me; including a record deal with Interscope, a chance to write and record music with Ryan Tedder and Brent Kutzle of OneRepublic, and the chance to make the record i always dreamed of making.

Brian: Although you have a distinct sound, to you count any particular artists as influences?

Tamar: I grew up wanting to be Billy Joel. His ability to tell stories, craft a beautiful melody, is unlike any other artist. The longevity of his career is also something that I aspire towards.

Brian: What kinds of things or people do you find most inspiring when writing music?

Tamar: To write, I really need to be in a certain state of mind. I’m not the type of artist that sits down at the piano or the guitar every day and writes for a set amount of time. The creativity and inspiration needs to be spontaneous and real.

The records of the 60’s and 70’s inspire me, a great book, reading poetry or lyrics. There is no set equation to my musical madness.

Brian: What has the most rewarding experience of your career been so far?

Tamar: My record release.

Brian: Do you have any favorite songs on Sinner Or A Saint? If so, what makes them special?

Tamar: “Raining in Paradise” is probably one of my favorite tracks. It’s a lullaby I wrote for my future children. It’s a song about the beauty of life and death.

Brian: Would you say that Armenian culture has an influence on your music?

Tamar: I would say my Armenian upbringing does. I grew up in a very loving household and I find that that keeps me grounded.

Brian: If there was one artist you could collaborate with right now, who would it be?

Tamar: It’s a tie answer for this question! I would have to say either Billy Joel or Sir Paul McCartney.

Brian: What do you like to do when not making music?

Tamar: I’m big into running. It’s the one thing that truly relaxes me. I love to read, as well. I am currently reading The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace.

Brian: What is one thing you think your fans would be surprised to learn about you?

Tamar: I’m a big book nerd. I wasn’t cool in high school… never tried to be, nor wanted to be. I’m all about staying true and honest to yourself and being confident with you are.