Facebook Donation $100 Million to Newark, NJ Schools

In a move that is either a huge sign of generosity or a public relations effort to offset the scathing portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, a Facebook donation of $100 million to schools in Newark, NJ has been announced.

The $100 million Facebook donation will be announced tomorrow on the Oprah show, a place where generosity is par for the course.  The staging of this donation – as details of The Social Network, a movie about the rise of Facebook and the deception of Mark Zuckerberg, continue to emerge – cannot be overlooked.  While this is obviously a major donation, and one that is quite generous, Zuckerberg and Facebook have come under fire recently due to The Social Network.

Zuckerberg chose the Newark, NJ schools for the $100 million Facebook donation as they have some of the state’s lowest graduation rates and test scores.  According to Forbes, Zuckerberg is worth $4.9 billion.