Lady Gaga – Living On The Radio Video New Song

Looks as though Drake isn’t the only one working on a new album – Lady Gaga debuted a new song, “Living On The Radio,” during a show Monday night in Minnesota. ¬†You can watch “Living on the Radio” in the video below.

“Living on the Radio” is true to form for Lady Gaga, as it features a tribute to her devoted fans, which she has made no secret about loving right back.

“Baby, you’ve got a friend, and so many little monster, Keep living on the radio…you’re gonna be alright, honey, because your songs are on the radio.”

Like the last song that Lady Gaga unexpectedly debuted, “You and I,” this song is an emotional piano ballad that is quite different than most of the Lady Gaga songs that live on the radio. However, it’s well done and shows her versatility and songwriting skill.

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Lady Gaga – “Living On The Radio” Video Debut