Machete Official Trailer Video – Race War Movie Sparks Controversy

With so much going this Labor Day weekend, you might have missed the release of Machete, a film that depicts a race war between Mexicans and Caucasians. Machete has been met with plenty of controversy, given the violence depicted in the film as well as the stereotypes presented in the race war theme.

In the trailer below, you can see a preview of the film, which stars Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Mari and Don Johnson.  Oh, and Steven Seagall, which underscores how absurd and over-the-top Machete intends to be.

Some films generate a lot of attention based on great writing and great acting.  Here, it seems that the Machete race war theme is driving its notoriety.

Machete Official Trailer Video

  • Al

    Fun movie.

    I was surprised. I was not expecting it to be as funny as it was.
    Then again it would be foolish to go and watch this movie and take it all with a very serious demeanor.

    The only villains in this movie were racist ones, so if you got offended while watching this movie because of its stereotypes
    then you deserved it because that will make you a racist too.

    due to the popularly ignorant belief on this movie,
    NOt all white people were portrayed as bad guys.
    The cook in the film was white and so was el Cholo.

    My white friend was not offended at all and praised at how
    surprisingly enjoyable it was.

    Its an action flick like something you’d expect to see with Bronson, Eastwood or Bruce Lee!!

    This movie does not insists on a race war as some people ignorantly have described [about 2 ppl so far]. If anything it relies on a “doing what is right” attitude like handling the immigaration issue in most peoples dreams by bringing us all closer together and not tearing us further spart.

    for example: Whites and Latinos sharing the same room having a great time watchng this movie was one of them.

    I am so glad this movie brought immigration issues
    to the table and made light of it all with comedy
    and a good message,
    which is: We are All HUMAN Beings sharing the same sky!

    There is the good and bad and it is wise if both sides
    got together and woked something out instead of using violence/insults [verbal or physical] to get a point across
    like so many spiritually ignorant ppl do, but this is not a movie you’d go see for spiritual reasons? right. good!!

    This movie is a cut throat action packed blast!!!
    What would you expect from a title like “Machete”
    The trailer is as Awesome as the movie.

    This movie lives up to its name and then some.
    It is creative, sexy, hilarious and ultra violent like Tarantino movies with a Latino Rodriquez twist.
    {and his co-director}

    This is not a movie to be taken all too seriously.
    This is a movie not for the easily offended.
    This is a movie to spend a good time on and enjoy
    a few good laughs.

    my opinon, It is Rodriguez best besides El Mariachi
    and if you liked Desperado or Once Upon a Time in Mexico
    the slightest t then you will definitely enjoy this one!

    Its a grindhouse movie and if you like the type.
    A movie worth the time and a movie you should go out with friends to see and not the whole family with…. duh!!!

    4 out of 5 for its type of movie.
    ACTION is great.
    The story will do.
    Actors were Awesome.
    Great Ideas with scenes and characters.
    Memorable and hilarious one liners.
    Stereotypes blown through the roof that its funny,.
    Sexy Hot Latnas.

    what more can you ask for
    besides Seagal being a villain?

    go see it.

    I will (again)

    Machete sequals in 3D anyone?