Tiffany Livingston Detained For Trying to Open Plane Door

Tiffany Livingston may be known for her beauty, but now her brain is getting her some attention as well.  But not in a good way. Tiffany Livingston, a 21-year-old Playboy model, attempted to open the door of her plane mid-flight due to intense anxiety. Livingston reportedly suffers from anxiety attacks, though this was the worst.

“She said she’s gone through this before,” a Fox News source said. “But never this bad, and didn’t have . . . her medication.”

Livingston was aboard JetBlue flight 522 and attempted to pull a Steven Slater, sans the beer. The flight was en route to Newark from Orlando when Livingston attempted to bust out.

Livingston was recently featured in the debut issue of VIP, Playboy‘s new magazine in Singapore.  Perhaps the pressure of the shoot and the magazine’s publication caused Livingston’s anxiety to skyrocket.

Livingston, her agent, and Playboy have yet to comment.  While you wait for that, check out some Tiffany Livingston pictures below.