True Grit – Joel and Ethan Coen Aim For Oscars

Remaking a classic is risky and can ruin directors’ careers—unless the directors are Joel and Ethan Coen.

The trailer for the Coen brothersTrue Grit has finally hit the internet, and it looks as though that risk will yield big rewards (as in Oscars.)

The film, based on the John Wayne-starring 1969 western True Grit, centers on a girl’s vengeful search for her father’s killer (Josh Brolin.) She enlists the help of a U.S. marshal (Jeff Bridges, stepping into Wayne’s cowboy boots) to aid her in the intended retribution. However, a Texas Ranger (Matt Damon) is looking for the perpetrator to bring him to legal justice for a different murder.

True Grit already stands out among possible Oscar contenders for having the same tone, and a similar structure, as the Coen brothers’ Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men.

Apart from this, the Coens (The Big Lebowski, Fargo) are smart and innovative filmmakers. They should be capable of reinterpreting the story while remaining faithful to the themes of the original.

Rounding out True Grit is its cast. You cannot get much better than Bridges, Damon and Brolin. In an age where physical dimension often substitutes for emotional dimension, they are performers an audience can rely on to bring depth to characters. Bridges and Brolin have already worked with the Coens, and the successes of their collaborative films testify to how well the directors work with both actors. Although Damon is the rookie of Coen brothers’ films, his roles in such movies as The Departed and Ocean’s Eleven prove that he can hold his own in an ensemble cast.

Coen Brothers – True Grit Official Trailer Video