Brad & Angelina’s New Home

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have settled into this secluded 10-bedroom villa while Angie directs her Bosnian war film this fall. The $27,000 a month house features a small lake in the backyard for the Jolie-Pitt’s family of six.

  • omelga

    They voted Jen worse actress. Nobody stuppid to copy Jen. Angie brother and her already have experienced about direct long time ago. Stop jealous

  • terry

    Ha, someone so jealous to Angie to death. It’s is stink like shit!

  • ford

    Hey, stop jealous, move on

  • ace

    Thats the way to go angie.I love what you are doing and you are agreat mother and partner.I just wish angie and brad will tie the not one day.

  • marina

    I have some not published pictures, how can I share with you?

  • Kim

    Congrats Angie on directing a feature film,on being #21 on Forbes Most Powerful Woman, #12 on EW Power List, on the New Statesman 50 Who Matter in 2010 list,the only actress on Vanity Fair establishment List 2010, Most Powerful Actress in Guiness Book of Records, only female on action hero list.Congrats on being the highest paid actress in Hollywood $20 M a film+percentages all accomplished at the age of 35, Congrats on being an Oscar winner, a pilot and a mother of 6 .Brad is with her because he wanted someone who was a humanitarian and someone who wanted a large family Imo. I guess he was tired of sunbathing in Cabos

  • Anonymous

    Did she copy Jennifer Aniston when she directed a independent film before?
    We all know that the only reason why she’s in this position is because she tries to make her life as controversial as possible right?! That’s why people and I mean Brad is with her because she’s different and she tries so hard to be….

  • Anonymous

    Can we stop her from doing this.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care for her directorial film. I think it’s unnecessary for her to direct a film it’s just stupid.

  • Angela Thomas

    Angelina Jolie I love your name my name is Angela I love all your kid respect that you want to have that many that is great. I Love all your I dont have them all I have Wanted wich is my favorite and tomb raidor.