Eyedea Dead at 28; Michael Larsen, Indie Singer of Rhymesayer

The indie music scene lost one of its brightest stars today, as Eyedea, real name Michael Larsen, was found dead by his mother this morning.  Eyedea was well known throughout the Twin Cities area and beyond for his work as a Rhymesayer, lyricist and singer.

“It is with great pain and sadness that I tell you my son Mikey (Eyedea) has passed away,” Larsen’s mother wrote this morning on Eyedea‘s Facebook page.  “At this time we kindly request your respect and our privacy as we process this devastating loss. On behalf of Mikey’s family, close friends and fans, thank you.”

Eyedea and DJ Abilities were best friends and musical partners since the age of 14.  Eyedea was praised for his personal and beautiful lyrics, which often put hard-to-define emotions into words. You can see Eyedea in action in the video below.

  • joseka

    eyedea was a genius…… respect!!!!!

  • bravo

    I’m doing a class presentation on him. His music needs known.R.I.P Eyedea.

  • Prawcess

    RIP Eyedea – thanks for repping the Twin Cities hard as fuck for all those years. Minnesota Hip-Hop – know about it.

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    Rest in peace Eyedea.

  • QIP

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  • ftotd

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    Big fan seen him live a few times funny, smart,one of the best freestyle mc’s ever and will be greatly missed. Oh by the way go fuck your self Ciaran please let me know what you have done so i can blog about how much of twat you were

  • Green Monkey

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  • ciaran

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  • ciaran

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  • Arin da Silva

    This dude could destroy Eminem, period. He was genius, non-compromising. Genuinely a good cat, I met him in Chicago 2005, just chillin’. Beautiful spirit, he will be missed. Make sure you guys don’t get caught up in this mainstream crap, understand there are true beasts in this hip-hop game that you wouldn’t give the time of day without some corny assed gimmick. Rhymesayers and all of us have lost a truly great person. Rest well my friend, and tell Pun, Dilla, Baatin, Tao, Biggie, Aaliyah, Eazy-E, Left-Eye, Pac, and JMJ, we love em’ and we miss em’. And we love and miss you too.


  • jon

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  • jon

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  • jacey_alone

    Show some respect, will ya. He was gifted !


    Ciaran, what a douchebag comment. Way to be respectful of a young, talented artist. Even if you didn’t know his music, you shouldn’t be such a disrespectful bastard. GO Fuck yourself piece of shit

  • jon

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  • jon

    seriously guy’s especially those who use words like rubbish and blimey. Jus cuz your english sucks and u cant understand his lyrics, doesnt compare to the fact that eyedea is one of the greatest there will be. Cant believe you’r gone R.I.P Michael Larsen and much love to your friends and Family,

  • jon

    Yes. I hope u slip on a banana peel today!

  • jon

    and seriously guy’s especially those who use words like rubbish and blimey. Jus cuz your english sucks and u cant understand his lyrics, doesnt compare to the fact that eyedea is one of the greatest there will be. Cant believe you’r gone R.I.P Michael Larsen and much love to your friends and Family,

  • nickname

    yo ciaran, you are entitled to your own opinion but make sure you research it first. look up some of his freestyle battles.

  • riazuli

    Listen Ciaran, who exactly are you? And where are you from? If you know anything about the hip hop world, you would know that eyedea was a freestyle god. But apparently you didn’t know this. So thats ok. How bout you do some research, and youtube some of his freestyle battles. Out of respect for the dead, please go educate your self on this before talking smack. Also, no one cares for your opinion as much as you would love to give it cuz what you said was ignorant and baseless, which leads me to assume you are a pubescent 14 year old. Am I correct? If I am wrong, my apologies. Its just that i don’t know of too many adult minds that can be as thoughtless as you on a forum offering condolences for the dead.

  • Tranztopoleez

    “pretty crap and talentless” “but needn’t being rude.”

    And you’re some authority on the English language?

    What he did wasn’t nearly as rude as saying this guy’s music sucks on a post about his death..

    Also, it’s pretty common to say @Name as a reply to a forum post, are you new to the internet?

  • misse211

    To Ciaran,
    I completely agree with both Eric and SnugglyJeff. I had not heard of Eyedea until his death, but this is hardly the time or place to call his work rubbish, especially since he is now gone from us. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but an obituary is not an appropriate place to express such negative thoughts, and by your actions here you show a rather unbecoming lack of decorum. Furthermore, Eric was not being rude, given the nature of your comment.

  • snugglyJeff

    To Ciaran,
    Why do you feel the need to post on what is basically an obit, when you have no idea who Eyedea was or what he has done? Who are you Ciaran? I wanted to look up what you have done, but I could not come up with anything, except someone who likes to post comments trying to flame people; trying to inflate your self esteem by putting down true artists. Do not reply to this, just keep your poison to yourself.


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  • Wizarlock

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  • Ciaran

    To Eric,

    This was my opinion which you are entitled to disagree with but needn’t being rude.
    And it is TO Ciaran in English,not AT @ Ciaran

  • Green Monkey

    your voice will live forever…. in me and in many who connect with your passion and pain

  • Eric

    @ciaran: REALLY, TRULY – learn something about respect, timing, and choosing an appropriate forum.
    Or spare people your thoughtless, callous posts.

  • ciaran

    Who’s that rubbish?never heard of him
    listened to his music,pretty crap and talentless

  • damn shame

    I saw eyedea DESTROY a gang of rappers in the rocksteady nyc battle back in 1999. Dude was incredibly gifted. RIP

  • snugglyJeff

    He was 28, he was born November 9th, 1981

  • Drew

    If he was born in Nov. 1982, wouldn’t that mean he was 27 at death?

  • Daniel

    RIP EYEdea, may your music live forever

  • Optimist Rhyme

    A sad sad day! Much Respects to one of the greatest freestylers I have ever seen.