Four Loko Banned at Ramapo College, Under Fire at Central Washington

Are you “on that Four Loko“?  If you don’t recognize that phrase, probably not.  Four Loko is a highly controversial but wildly popular beverage that combines alcohol and caffeine into one unmatched, but dangerous, buzz.  Four Loko is, essentially, the only kind of drink that would make you utter something as stupid as, “I’m on that Four Loko.”  After coming under heavy fire since its inception, Ramapo College of New Jersey has taken a major step – Four Loko is banned from campus.

The Ramapo University Four Loko ban wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision: university president Peter Mercer banned Four Loko after a total of 23 individuals required medical attention after drinking it.  Among those was a student whose blood alcohol level was .4, which is five times New Jersey’s legal limit.

“We were fearful for the safety of our students,” explained university official Anna Farneski. “Our president felt the need to protect our students, so he took this action after consulting with the cabinet. Both the students and parents have been supportive.”

Four Loko is sold in 23.5-ounce cans, and features 12 percent alcohol, more than double what you’d find in the average beer. Only time will tell if this Four Loko ban is effective and whether other schools attempt a similar Four Loko ban.

It may happen – police at Central Washington University found that nine students who had passed out in what was believed to be a date-rape drug-related incident were actually drinking Four Loko. Currently, Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna is calling for a state-wide Four Loko ban.

Are you a fan of Four Loko?  Would you like to see Four Loko banned? Let us know in the comments.

  • The Padrino

    I don’t think it will be banned everywhere just some places.

  • joe maiese

    jess, i want to “bang” you for bucks. shut up you with your blogging and get on your knees

  • MichiganGirl

    No one could pay me to drink another four loko. I have never been that sick in my life. Maybe some kids are being irresponsible with it, but personally, I had one, didn’t chug it or anything and it messed me up. If its all “irresponsible kids” that are causing trouble, then why aren’t other drinks causing so many people to be hospitalized? Thats why this drink is causing such a stir. No one should consume this death in a can. It is dangerous. It should be banned.

  • Weekend Warrior

    I’m a weekend warrior and I know my limit. I started drinkin 1 loko to get a nice buzz and then drink beers. I noticed a funky hangover when I would mix..then I had 3 lokos only (no beers) one night and was soooo wasted, I trashed my bathroom and really couldnt figure out how three got me so wasted. I can drink a 12 pack and be fine..well drunk..but not that idk what it is about the loko but i wont touch it again.

  • Nick

    Yeah, this whole situation is just absolutely ludicrous.A small group of colleged age kids took it to far by mixing hard liquor with their four lokos, and now theres a ban? what is that going to accomplish besides pissing people off. They tried to ban things before when people took it too far, its called the prohibition, and it didnt turn out so well.

    But as long as we’re looking at things that people take too far, lets take thunderbird and wild turkey off the shelves too. I see homeless people waslking around all the time that would rather spend money on those drinks then buy food or a razor for their face. Theres a large group of people that have taken it too far.

    Or better yet, lets look at pot. How many thousands of people have gone to jail or messed their life up because of weed? But weed is legal now, if you get a medical card for it. So I can go smoke a bowl of weed legally, but I can’t buy a four loko?

    Someone please explain how this makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    Four Loko is definitely a drink of choice. To state there should be ban on it would be unfair for the great number of us who like it and are on a budget. I would much rather not waste my money on a half a case of beer when I can attain the same level of intoxication from a single $3 loko which (to me) tastes a whole lot better.
    Alcohol is bad in general, people know that and still make decisions to not drink responsibly, that is their problem. I should not suffer for the decisions of others.

  • Anon

    I go to Ramapo and we are Ramapo COLLEGE of New Jersey not University. Sorry that was bugging the crap out of me.

  • fromaplanetfar

    So when people go to a bar/club/party etc and get smashed and then start drinking coffee to sober up there is no issue, or how about coffee liquor, no issue there. Once again it is irresponsible kids causing the problems. People have been mixing alcohol and caffeine for ages now thanks to the exuberance of youth we have a problem. Unless we are going to ban coffee and booze separately I don’t think there is any good reason to ban four Loko’s. It personally is my favorite beverage when I choose to drink and have never had a problem with it although I must concur that if you drink more than two you may be in for quite the hangover.

  • sophia

    yea i agree with everyone else…i mean they dnt ban patron n vodka yet those r strong alcoholic beverages!!! just because some kids r dumb enough to drink more then thier limit doesnt mean the drink should be banned… i go clubbin alot n see many people leavin the clubs fallin on the ground n puking…so does that mean they r going to ban drinking from clubs too????

  • Mabez


  • Jess

    Well, agree to disagree, because it seems we have different tastes. Don’t project your dislikes as facts. Thanks.

    In regards to thinking you can “drink even two of those and be fine”–that’s a personal choice. Would everybody drink two forties in a row? Probably not, but some people do. Once again, it’s less to do with the actual product and more to do with people’s poor choices.

    God damn, I’m starting to sound like a libertarian.

  • Wazzu Cougs

    I’ve partied with some of those kids at CWU and they are lightweights! A guy we were partying with from there was blacked out after 2 strawberry pushups and a jagerbomb.

  • Ash

    I have some friends that go to Central Washington University and the reason the kids go so bad is because they were mixing four lokos with vodka like a mixed drink and chugging those.. it really is just kids being irresponsible drinkers. Don’t ban four loko though cuz of dumb kids!!

  • Samantha

    four lokos are absolutely discusting. you started drinking them the other week? wait a couple more weeks you’ll put on a sour face any time someone even mentions them. i don’t know why the average person thinks you can drink even two of those and be fine. you’d have to be an alcoholic. they’re gross.

  • Jess

    I just started drinking Four Loco the other week and it’s great. Tastes horrible for the first four or five sips but so worth it. So much bang for your buck. This is less about the product and more about kids being irresponsible. It’s deceptively strong, and people should be aware of that because it clearly states how much alcohol it contains on the can.