Kim Kardashian in W Magazine

This time, the W in W Magazine stands for Wow. The sultry photo shoot features Kim wearing nothing but silver paint, and is sure to be quite popular. Kim last posed nude for Playboy, but reportedly regretted the experience because she only did it on her mother’s recommendation.

Some have questioned why Kim would pose naked, as she is already well-known and this might only tarnish her reputation. However, doing a shoot with W magazine is a bit more respectable than magazines like Hustler.  Plus, the Kardashians clearly prefer to get as much attention as they can.

  • anonymous

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  • Odumegwu kingsley

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  • Anonymous

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  • puki

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  • fm$k¥

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  • SEXY


  • Darrej Douglas47

    Kim everybody has negative things to say about you but dont let other people bring you down enjoy life and stay true to what you like to do family and close friends and god will see you for who you are and want judge you i am nate from gastonia nc just wanting to lrt you know that true fans have your back

  • Joyce

    OH MY GOD, I can’t belkieve the size of her ass, looks like she has a wagon running along behind her. Who wants to look at the size of that. I can’t wait till she stops exercising, she will need someone to carrry it around. Its probably as big as Chloes. Woh, not a pretty thing. Kardashians really scraping bottom of barrel.


    Hey Kim Its me your homegirl Miranda Chase I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED your pics in W magazine. I wanted to buy the mag but my hubby said no I guess to much competion oh will at least I get to see you on the web. Love Always Miranda

  • Nteract

    that is one big AZZZZZZZ …. I love a butt buuuuutttttt that is a lot ot handle…. Backup to reality…

  • Ahammerjack

    born white turns black and she will go back to black

  • Bud Tarken

    For how wealthy she is and resources available to look perfect she’s far from it. Please put the clothes back on.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • Nick

    Come-on, she is ugly

  • Anthony

    I think Kim is a strong, sexy and smart girl. Everyone that talk about her needs to get off the tip of her u know what. Everyone is mad that they don’t look like her or can’t be with her. She is making money of off what we the people want to see from her and there are plenty of people out there who sell drugs and kill for money write about them.the world has change people so change with it sexy sells and u know u like it. And there is nothing wrong with that body. keep doing what u are doing Kim CT loves u.

  • Andrewwilsonscumbag

    She looks like a cow

  • xtina

    It is flat out ridiculous that you low lives come on here and make fun of her body. Go get a fucking life and stop hating. Every girl is beautiful in their own way and for you to put someone down like that is just not okay at all.

  • Ace

    Black men love fat asses because they can handle it. White men….. lets just say… eat more vegetables

  • Sc_mia

    wow thats some ugly ass shes got there.. damn Kim.. use some of your money to downsize on your trunk.. you look like a horse from behind


    Guys with small penises are oft intimidated by larger size asses. Don’t fret however, there are many Paris HIlton-type asses to enjoy.

  • Bloginity Staff


  • J. Sorrentino

    Kim needs a lot of work on the trunk, gravity pull is her killer!

  • J. Sorrentino

    Her back side looks like the back of my horse!