T.I. Sentenced To 11 Months For Drug Possession Charge

Although T.I. is set to release King Uncaged, an album titled to reference his freedom from jail, the rapper will likely be back in jail upon its release.  T.I. was sentenced to 11 months for a probation violation in September, during which he was arrested on suspicion of possessing ecstasy.

“I screwed up. I screwed up big time and I am sorry,” T.I. said in court, but US District Judge Charles Pannell was not impressed.  T.I. was on probation after serving time for a weapons possession charge.

Things seemed to be looking up for T.I., as the rapper helped talk down a suicide jumper Wednesday, and T.I. and wife Tiny held a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s research earlier in the month.  Some have accuse the rapper of doing both acts to try to win over the court, but such a strategy seems far-fetched, and apparently, ineffective.

You can pre-order King Uncaged right here and download T.I. music here.