Time Traveler Caught On Film? Cell Phone Chaplin’s The Circus Video

Have you heard about the time traveler caught on film?  If you thought the iPhone was ahead of its time, then check out this apparent cell phone user in 1928.  In the time traveler caught on film video below, you can see a devoted Charlie Chaplin fan pointing out a bizarre occurrence in the 1928 Chaplin film, The Circus – a woman that looks to be using a cell phone.

What do you think the woman in the time traveler caught on film video is doing?  Let us know in the comments.

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Time Traveler Caught on Film Video

  • Linda

    Accepting the premise that it is a time traveler, to whom is he/she speaking? No cell towers in 1928. However, I have no explanation for what it is.

  • 3 smarties

    Yes we agree with you but next time please translate it to english that way other people can understand you.

    Oui nous sommes d’accord avec vous mais la prochaine fois s’il vous plaît le traduire vers l’anglais de cette façon d’autres personnes peuvent vous comprendre. Si vous avez besoin d’aide Google a un traducteur

  • 3 smarties

    You are so right but maybe that was her mission or her intention.

  • qs Godless

    it would be just as easy say I have God tied up in my basement.. A Time Traveler IS God. (the universe would be up to the choosing of the LAST time traveler that will ever exist) Our only hope for” free will” is a Godless Existence “without the book of life” or Time Travel. Hope this sinks in!

    I hope everyone has an interesting 27k approx days on this ball in the middle of nowhere….

  • timeunravel

    Let’s make this weirder. It’s not even a human. It’s a space alien with big feet trying to take the shape of an old woman. The aliens saw a television broadcast of the Chaplin film from signals that traveled into deep space, but the signal weakened before the movie ended, so their databank found the moment in time the movie premiered and they traveled through a time wormhole just to see if The Circus had a happy ending. Whole monuments to Charlie Chaplin were built on their planet because they liked the movie so much.

  • Jessie

    o..m…g!! a time traveler i knew it!!!

  • Joe

    Easy explanation for this. Its already been pointed out in other places on the Internet that Siemens produced a hearing aid about the size of a transistor radio as early as 1924. Also ear horns which were crude small trumpet like devices were commoly used by the hard of hearing. Both could be cupped in a hand much like a cellphone can. Also the guy that discovered the footage mentions that she appears to be talking to someone. Another easy answer. Notice she is walking and suddenly stops and turns a bit and you can see her mouth moving. I suspect she was walking and someone just outside the camera shot started speaking to her suddenly and she turned and responded. I do give this guy from Belfast credit for sturring up the Internet with the video but its easily explained.

  • David Holt

    It’s a wind up music box. Made prior to 1928, fits in the palm of your hand, you could certainly hold it up to your ear and she is probably not talking, but is singing along with the tune that the box played.

  • fortean freak

    It is a walkie talkie / transistor.

  • themuttsnutts

    Salea did u not read my post , you ask why would they need to walk down the st with a hearing aid , because they were taking directions from the director.

  • salea

    I don’t think it’s a hearing aid. he/she’s walking down the street holding the device, why would he/she need to hold the device while walking down the street with no one near him/her, i mean it’s more likely the he/she would sit down a talk with someone while holding the hearing aid device and not walk and hold it the whole time it’s just not practical.

    if talking about time travel that person is a man i mean there is no way for a woman to have that big feet! and as for the device it can only be a walkie talkie meaning radio transmission no cell technology required and since it was first invented only in 1940 and needed your back to hold the equipment and not the palm of your hand. I think that our time traveler was not alone and was actually there with someone from his time and that is who he was talking to.

  • Jacob

    Some of you are insults to the human race. Also, the whole, “Derr, there’s no cellphone towers in 1928,” How many of you have read that post somewhere else? Cause it is highly unlikely that you were smart enough to come up with that LOGICAL explanation. It could be a number of different things, but I think we shall leave it a mystery, and when time travel needs to be known, it will appear. Leave it a mystery, have some fun with it.

  • Dana Kincaid

    “Don’t Blink” – Doctor Who 2007

  • Opie

    Beam me up Scotty

  • Bloginity Staff


  • Capt Kirk

    I know for sure what it is. It is Doctor McCoy dressed in drag talking to Spock. You see the Enterprise whipped around the sun so fast it actually traveled back in time. Then Captain Kirk (that’s me) and crew had to beam down to earth to set some things straight. Our communicators don’t need cell sites, satellites, etc. McCoy was checking on Spock’s progress with his part of the mission. If you were Star Trek fans like me you would remember this episode.

    Kirk out

  • themuttsnutts

    Hearing trumpet , normal for the era , the rates of deafness was higher back then too so seeing someone using one would not have been out of the ordinary.The person is probably taking directions , from the director or cameraman.

  • JEV

    Being old, I’ve seen the hearing aids such as a horn type device. They are hard on the ears, and are only of value in a quiet place–and why would she need a hearing device to talk to herself? I have a lot of friends who use cell phones–and they hold them much the same way. As far as comm towers go, they’ll be in the Smithonian by 2300 AD (as will cell phones, Ipods/Ipads, and all that ancient stuff), in favor of credit card sized communicators that will be able to present holographic images for all calls, business, banking, etc.–with your ID verified by scanning the communicator over the chip in your wrist. Like I said, I’m old and have seen things that aren’t from this world–at least not as we know it.

  • Phillip

    Everyone knows there were no cell phones in 1928….only Blackberries.

  • marta

    I think those minutes just showed up on my cell phone bill.

  • Jason

    Interesting…but if she/she was from the future (I think you’ve covered why he wouldn’t be from our time, as we don’t have the technology for a cell phone to work with out some sort of satellite or tower) and I think if they have the technology to send someone through time, then they must have technology to communicate with people without holding a brick up to your head.

  • Bill DaBunkar

    I almost hate to divulge this but,..in 2012 when Obama is thrown out of the White House,.. conservatives will put in motion an operation that will ensure that an unqualified person will never again be voted into the office of president. Conservative politicians of all stripes will track down EVERYONE that voted for Obama and surgically alter them into fat ugly old women and transport them into the past where they will be relatively harmless and ineffectual – due to the lack of welfare checks and ‘free’ social services. They will however be furnished with free ‘temporal-flux satellite phones’ so that they can see what a great time we’re having in the future – without them.

    So,..if you don’t want to become a crazy old hag wandering around 1928 Los Angeles whilst talking to yourself,…then you’d better vote wisely next time around. You’ve been warned.

  • PZ

    Okay, maybe not a cell phone, I mean , who would she be calling…maybe a digital recorder so she can make some record of her time traveling vacation experiences in 1928

  • zacktheripper

    women didn’t wear that style of hat back then, men did, and also, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in proximity of her to talk to. She may have been using a hearing aid listening to some off-camera music or something but shes still having a full on conversation with her hand!

  • QS

    chris god doesn’t exist, free will and the “book of life” AKA “all knowing god” cant exist at the same time..

    and heaven turns into hell eventually just what till your 9999999999999999999999999999999 X 00 day there

  • qs


  • shannon

    OOOOOH sounds like we have an explination!

  • doobi

    1. she’s hiding it
    2. other people back then had cell phones
    3. elitist technology control

  • cris

    What the bible say in Ecclesiastes 1:10 Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! this is something new”?… it was here already, long ago; it was here before our time………. so probably if you think that cellphone is just this age. its not maybe it was from before….. only thing its just upgraded as time goes by. bec nothing new under the sun.

  • shannon

    “think about this logically”? ummm. if we are going to explore that this is a “time traveler” why must we assume that she/he is talking to someone in 1920? If they have figured out time travel then I’m darn sure they have figured out “talk travel” too. LOL.

    Seriously if we explore the time travel option maybe they are talking to someone at the controls of the travel device, and someone else suggested that there were no towers in 1920. Maybe where he/she comes from they don’t need our archaic (sp) towers….

  • Daniel H.

    heh this is crazy!

  • zelaine

    Try reading Tik Tok of Oz by L. Frank Baum in 1914. There’s no mistake that there’s a cell phone in there!

  • The J

    1. I think her ear is blocked, congestion of a cold, she is pressing her hand against the side of her face while moving her mouth to try and unblock her ear.

    2. As its a silent move she may be talking to the cameraman to say she is shy and doesnt like it she could be shouting out “Get that camera out of my face”, “do you think this move stuff will really catch on”, “that animal doesnt half stink”.

  • Kris G

    Reshot footage to fill out the extras? The clarity and sharpness of the footage is a lot higher than I would have expected to see for something from the 20’s. How does it compare to the rest of the footage on the DVDs?

  • Squincher

    It’s not a cell phone and this person sure as hell isn’t a “time traveler” 1-200 years from our future.

    She is most likely holding a hearing aid! Yes, a flat bulky box that was made by either Seimens or Western Electric (now Lucent-Alcatel).

    Most likely it’s the Western Electric Model 34A or the Seimens Model 1910.

    They were nothing like the hearing aids that fit discretely in the ear canals of elderly people.

    See for yourself. Scroll down to the middle of the page and you can see pictures of these devices.

  • Jesse

    Using a cell phone is not the only reason why people put their hands close to their ear. They may be scratching, using a torch, doing weights, carrying a carton of eggs, or carrying anything in general.

  • Wes

    I forgot to mention, or could just be a walke-talke.
    They had those in those days.

  • Wes

    Looks like a low key type person. Could be some high
    tech government or military stuff unkown to man.
    Towers could be in underground buildings, or high
    clerance areas.

  • Rudejm.com

    All things are possible my friends, and this is quite plausible.

  • Daniel Byrne

    Here is my take on the video of this time traveler. Detailed digital image analysis to follow soon.

  • ben

    I agree with the fact that there are no towers or satellites, so no use for a phone. And if time travel was possible, and it was supposed to be a secret, we would not even see this video. The second it hits the net, they would have gone back to make sure she put her phone on silent and answered it later. 8^P

  • The Mo

    As someone above has said, you are all making a sweeping assumption that the time traveller is from our time – I’d point out that we can’t actually travel through time (yet) so this person, if they are a time traveller, would actually be from our future. Its quite possible that they are talking into some time-transcending phone type device.

    The other thing to remember, is in the massive expanse of the earth, why would someone happen to be in the one small area that the movie is being filmed in and walk across the set?

  • will

    It is a Phone dood. there is no other explanation. TIME TRAVELER!!! un-refutable proof of at least ONE time traveler.

  • zacktheripper

    well, if they have the technology to time-travel don’t you think they may also have the tech to call into a different time? or maybe another time traveler has arrived in 1928 to watch the premiere and called the ambiguously gendered person to join them. or maybe its just nikola tesla in a fat suit on a walkie-talkie.either way sweet find george!

  • SSS

    Ok let’s say this is a time traveler. What if the device she is talking into lets her speak to people into the future? You have to look at all of the possibilities. Also, IMO, she looks like a dude. :P

  • Kat

    could be kinda cool and why be reasonable – we all need something to dream about and hope for !

  • Peter

    This doesn’t make sense, who would she be talking to, and how would you get cell phone reception in the 1920’s

  • val

    nevermind… just watched the video

  • Justin B.

    Je ne sais pas, mais je ne pense pas que vous êtes censez savoir de ceci pourtant.

  • Kayla

    If they were indeed using a Cell phone and were in that time, they would need satelites to be broadcasting signals, but in the 20’s, there were no satelites. So even if she did travel back then with their cell phone, she even wouldnt be able to use it. Besides, It looks like she’s clutching a handkerchief to his face like she’s wiping the sweat from beneath her hat.

  • lenny the fish

    No, she’s talking to the Gentleman in front of her, complaining cheap hearing aide he bought her

  • val

    I think she is holding onto her hat.

  • Jazmin

    maybe she’s checking her voicemail

  • Chris Clear

    The device is a hearing aid of the time. It was like a funnel that people would hold to their ear to guide the sound into the ear canal.

  • Bethany

    I mean seriously, lets think about this logically, time travel would be an awesome thing, and I want to do it as much as the next person, but ho exactly would they be talking to? I mean I’m sure that no one else in the 1920’s had a cell phone and if they did there’s no way a cell phone from today could call through like a 60 or 70 year span. Also, how are they going to make calls if there are no cell towers or satellites or anything. You ever think that it was maybe just a crazy lady talking to a piece of plastic or something?

  • nathan

    she’s obviously talking to herself and holding a shell to her ear to listen to the ocean talk back! hence the ‘claw’ sort of grip on the device… but how on earth is this in the top 3 searches on google right now?


  • E.Eagle

    I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s a woman. Did you watch this?

  • Ilya

    So who is he calling then :)

  • Brennan

    Pretty convincing. I hope so.