Candice Swanepoel Interview in V Man

Meet Candice Swanepoel, a Victoria’s Secret model whose star has risen to angelic heights. The celestial South African has been gazed upon by millions, so it’s about time we all get to know her.

Tell us a bit about your South African heritage. What town were you born in?

“I grew up on a huge dairy-and-cattle farm, my world of adventure. South Africa is a unique and mysterious place it does have its share of problems, but that is part of our character.

The state I live in is called KwaZulu-Natal, one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa: we had the beach, the mountains, tropical weather in summer, and snow in winter. The Zulu culture is a huge part of who I am today, and I feel privileged to have grown up with that beauty around me.”

How old were you when you first traveled out of South Africa?

“I was 15 when I went to London for the first time. I had never taken a flight, I didn’t even know what a subway was there were so many things I had to learn; it was a brave step for me, and for my parents to let me go, but I was so excited to experience the world that I didn’t care what it took. I had grown up my entire life on my farm and spent four years at boarding school, but I always knew there was so much more to see and I wanted to do it all on my own. I’m a very independent person, and achieving what I have alone feels so much more rewarding.

Was this your first time in Scandinavian? What was your experience like with Mario in Copenhagen?

It was my second in time Copenhagen. I love the city and the lifestyle there. But my experience of Copenhagen with Mario was somewhat different. I remember when I first met Mario in New York. I was so nervous, but as soon as I saw him I was at ease. He was this way of making you feel so at home and comfortable, like you have known him for years. The VMAN shoot was amazing!

Being the only girl amid a bunch of Scandinavian boys with very little wardrobe would probably have been a bit overwhelming, but Mario put me at such ease. I felt great, and knew he would never do anything distasteful. He knows how to make a woman look and feel incredible.

One of the saddest things in our industry is you get to meet the most interesting people who you connect with immediately – you work with them for two days, and when you leave you know you might never see them again. I had this feeling leaving Copenhagen.