For Colored Girls Movie Trailer Video, Review – Tyler Perry Film

Tyler Perry’s latest entry at the box office, For Colored Girls, may be a little different than what Perry’s fans might have been expecting. Rather than bringing back the wildly successful Madea franchise, Perry’s For Colored Girls is an adaptation of the classic prose play, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf.  To see if this film is for you, read on and check out the For Colored Girls trailer video below.

If you’re wondering why Perry chose For Colored Girls, a little history helps – the poem was written by Ntozake Shange in 1974, and was developed into a play.  The play would be performed 747 times on Broadway, and win Tony, Obie and Outer Circle Awards in 1977.

Perry’s adaptation of For Colored Girls brings with it big names – Janet Jackson, Phylicia Rashad, Whoopi Goldberg and Macy Gray, to name a few – but also relays the central emotions of the play: perseverance in the face of betrayal and loss, sisterhood in times of strife, and love and loyalty.

You can find Tyler Perry’s other films right here.  Check out the For Colored Girls trailer video below and let us know what you think of the movie or play in the comment section.

For Colored Girls Movie Trailer

  • Sarah

    Ordering “For Colored Girls” is one of the best things I could have done. I never get a chance to go to the movies. Since I work with DISH Network I always order my movie and even better in HD. So I believe I have ordered this move 10 times. I know it’s a little expensive but it’s so worth it! Janet Jackson, Kimberly Elise, Whoopi Goldberg, all the characters in this movie played their roles like they have been through that life. Especially Kimberly Elise she was incredible! I could not have been strong to go on without my kids.

  • Theresetta

    I can’t wait to see this movie because I’ve heard only positive things about the story line. I’m alittle upset that this movie is only showing at one theater where I live and it only shows at 9:15pm and 12:05am. I really don’t understand way this movie has only limited showing when the messages behind the movie is so powerful….Is it because it’s intended mainly for a black audience!!!…IfI’m wron please let me know.

  • cherie

    This movie was awesome and amazing. I can relate to each of the women in this movie. Emotions that I thought I had dealt with surfaced and this movie made me have to take a look at myself and the pain of my past. It made me realize that I need to love myself more and live a fulfilling single life and not base my happiness on having a man in my life to love me. I know God loves me and I must continue to love myself more. Live Laugh Love!!!! Thank you Tyler Perry. You are a wonderful man of God.

  • james

    movie was great



  • TL

    This was a movie I was not prepared for at all. To have an entire movie theater caught in so much emotion at one time was amazing. For myself this movie hit very close to home in so many ways and seeing that I am not 1 person going through situations like this made me feel better about myself. Tyler Perry thank you!

  • JM

    This was a phenomenal movie! Props to all of the fine actors and the producers of this movie! As African American women we have to love ourselves hard in order to allow love into our lives. Be strong in who we are and love not only ourselves but our sisters as well. When one of us hurt, we all hurt. Absolutely amazing and profound!

  • Ms P

    This was a very hard, emotional, powerful, and empowering movie and as Ms Tillie stated the best movie I have seen since the Imitation of life. This movie unlike people want to believe is very real and are the stories that need to be told but no one want tell. The black community willl only be healed when light is shined on all the dark horros and shadows which have kept us captured to long. I have often asked myself why is the Black woman never loved and cherished and it is because we have never been allowed to truly love ourselves. Because we have just begun to love ourselves and no longer live in fear we are now most feared. As Colored, Black, African-American Sisters, we must now love ourselves more and support and love one another more than we ever have until we all walk in the royalty that has been bestowed upon us.

  • Natasha Neely

    This is another one of Tyler’s greatest gifts to the Sistahs…my heart, mind, and spirit were all enlightened. I lefted the movie with a renewed respect and love for myself…one that has propelled me far beyond valuing myself mainly through the love of a man…Thank you, I’ve been blessed.

  • Betty Tillie

    This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long, long time since the Imitation of Life…cried again…keep going young man, Godspeed.