Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in Source Code; Trailer Video Here

After seeing Love and Other Drugs this week (romance lovers: see it,) I cannot get Jake Gyllenhaal off my mind.

Okay, I always have trouble getting Jake Gyllenhaal off my mind, so I am pleased to know that he will soon be back in theaters in the science fiction thriller Source Code.

Source Code follows Capt. Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal), a soldier charged with finding out who planted a bomb on a commuter train. Through a computer program called source code, Stevens tries to find out who the bomber is by inhabiting the body of a man who was on the train—before the train explodes.

Are you following me?

Stevens has eight minutes in the man’s body to find out who the bomber is, and then the train explodes. This process occurs numerous times until Stevens finds the bomber, which he has to do in order to prevent the bomber from causing an even deadlier bombing.

Are you still following me?

I hope so, because Source Code is my first highly anticipated movie of 2011.

For starters, Source Code is helmed by Moon director Duncan Jones. If you did not see Moon, rent it. Not only is Moon a showcase for the amazing Sam Rockwell, but Moon is also a fantastic science fiction film that was sadly overlooked in 2009.

The cast of Source Code also looks great. Gyllenhaal is at the top of his game, and it is nice to see him return to the genre that made him a star (Donnie Darko, anyone?) Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone), Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air) and Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale) complete the strong cast.


Check out the trailer for Source Code below. Will you be seeing it? Does it look too much like Déjà Vu or Groundhog Day? Is Gyllenhaal not gorgeous? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source Code Trailer Video