Juliette Lewis’ Father Turned a Mugshot into Art

The singer-and-actress is renowned for her wild lifestyle, and she was arrested when she was 15 for being underage at a nightclub. She isn’t ashamed of the incident, and loved the picture which was taken on her by law enforcement officers at her local police station.

Juliette’s father Geoffrey knew how much the image meant to her, so organized for a large copy of it to be delivered to her home, reports National Enquirer. The now 37-year-old was thrilled when she received the present, and it now proudly hangs on her wall.

The star has discussed the image in the past. She isn’t ashamed of the arrest, and enjoys having something to remind her of that time in her life at home.

“I went to a club, and the cops raided it. They said, ‘Anyone under 18, raise your hand and we’ll let you go.’ Instead, they handcuffed us together in an alley. Then they took us to the station,” she has previously said. “I knew it would make a great piece of art. I look totally retarded, like a Manson girl.”