Kid Cudi Looking into Rock Scene with Wizards; Is Rap All In The Past?

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudiseems to be channeling B.B. King, as the rapper explained recently that the thrill is gone.

In his latest appearance on MTV, Kid Cudi stated that he no longer gets as much of a thrill as he once did from rapping. The passion once there is fading, and been for a while, Kid Cudi said. The (former?) rapper went on to say that he has a “new-found love” in playing guitar and song writing.   He explained that he’s been doing both for several months behind the scenes and unveiled the name of his new rock group, Wizards. Kid Cudi said this would be his main project as he takes a hiatus from rapping.

Despite the abundance of opportunities available to Kid Cudi in the rap scene, he simply stated that (at least for right now), it does not excite him. His partnership with Kanye West, who has had a large effect in Cudi’s career as it stands, is something that he is thankful for but does not want to unless he is truly interested and impassioned. If nothing else, Cudi will realize that rock is not his true calling, and that the rap scene will always be there for him.

It seems to me that Cudi is just exploring his options and trying to identify his passions. I for one am jealous that he has the opportunity to pick and choose what he wants to do with his life. Then again, most celebrities do, but for some reason I feel like this example is more powerful than most. Cudi is being mature about his decision and trying not to jump into things, unlike other celebrities – as well as most people – who jump at the chance for new opportunities.

Although I do not personally follow his music, at the very least I respect Cudi for handling this situation maturely and not rushing things. There is a lot to be said with taking your time in actions or events that seemingly hit home for you.
I know, I know, enough preaching. But still, it’s refreshing to see Cudi act the way he does, knowing that he does have the power and resources to record whenever he pleases. I think that I speak for most people when I say that whatever Cudi has up his sleeve is probably interesting and worth a listen.