‘On The Lam’ – Kelsey Bennett Photography Showcase

On The Lam features selections from two of Bennett’s recent photo series, Cases and Runaway. The Cases images are portraits of the contents of Bennett’s suitcase from various travels, memorializing the clothing and souvenirs she packs or acquires on the road. Each case is either the beginning or grand finale of a story of adventure and escape.

The Runaway works capture moments of celebration, angst and discovery of life on the road. A seedy motel room, a public restroom, a gathering of friends, a late night call home to your parents; these are the triumphs and defeats of youth, the visceral moments that make or break a journey.

Combining images from both series, On the Lam explores ideas of freedom, youth, adventure and anticipation, depicting the allure and glamour of visiting new places, escaping ordinary life and assuming a new identity. In Bennett’s own words, “When I was a child, the fantasy of running away made me feel the freedom I imagined adults experienced. Now, as an adult, the fantasy of running away makes me feel free like a child.”

Intensely personal and universal in scope, On the Lam is both a visual autobiography of Bennett’s ongoing exploration of her own identity and a documentation of the collective experience of the transition from youth to adulthood.