Oprah Winfrey Meets Michael Jackson’s Children

Michael Jackson may have passed, but the media just won’t let him go. Case in point: Oprah Winfrey recently met with Michael Jackson’s children – Prince, Paris and Blanket – and the encounter will air on The Oprah Winfrey Show Monday, November 8. Of course, that meeting wasn’t the main focus of Oprah’s visit to the Jackson home; she was there to interview Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, about her son’s life and career.

If there’s anything positive to be said about this interview, it’s that Oprah is interviewing Katherine Jackson on her own turf, rather than in a TV studio. That will provide at least some comfort as Katherine is forced to discuss painful details of her deceased son.

Michael Jackson was about to embark upon the “This Is It” world tour at the time of his death. A DVD documentary on the tour can be found here; you can find Michael Jackson’s other music and downloads here.