Michael Cera Is Now a Touring Bassist for Mister Heavenly – What’s Next?

Michael Cera, Mister Heavenly

Yep, you read that right. Michael Cera, a.k.a. every awkward adolescent’s role model, is helping a friend’s band out in the absence of their bassist on their upcoming tour. The band, Mister Heavenly, is opening for Passion Pit on its upcoming tour. Cera is not an official member, but will be filling in for the tour. That’s still pretty awesome, or at the very least interesting. For those of you who don’t know, Cera has had lead roles in box office hits such as Superbad, Juno, Scott Pilgrim v. The World, as well as the show Arrested Development. So far, his roles have mostly required him to play himself, meaning a socially awkward kid (although he’s now 22, if you can believe that), meaning that this tour will reveal him in a new light.

It must be interesting for Cera to be playing with a bunch of poor…er, less-than-fortunate musicians. As he is one of Hollywood’s latest stars, he could put the whole band up at select hotels during their touring stint, if it he desired. Cera is one of the few stars that I know of that does not let fame get to his head much, if at all. He still lives with his family in his hometown of Brampton, Ontario and has no plans of moving into a mega mansion (at least in the near future). I have a feeling that if he did somehow let fame get to his head, his part in the band would come to an end shortly. That’s not something I think we need to worry about though – I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that Cera is not like that as a person. His humbleness is admirable to say the least, as I’m sure many of us in his position would not be so down to earth.

Mister Heavenly is a newly formed band – the upcoming dates in support of Passion Pit will be their first live shows. One of the official members is also part of Modest Mouse, which is among the most (mainstream) famous contemporary indie bands out there.

Mister Heavenly has yet to release its new album (it’s due sometime in 2011), so they probably need all the publicity they can get; having a movie star as part of its entourage couldn’t hurt. Passion Pit has garnered a following recently, mainly on college radio. So if everything goes as planned, the bands’ assembly of shows will have a crowd of college scenesters and teeny boppers who want to find some way to get their hands on Cera. Sound about right? Only one way to found out.

  • Alex

    Sorry, but without proof, this is just more internet Cera-hate bullshit.

  • Alecia

    Ok so I totally thought Michael Cera would be a down-to-earth kid too before I met him, but this is NOT TRUE!!! Exactly the opposite!!
    I recently saw Passion Pit on tour with Mister Heavenly and started waiting in line for the 8 PM show at 1PM.
    When I saw Michael Cera walk by, he never looked up, and upon asking him for a photo, he replied, “No, not now.” to many.
    He performed the whole concert with his back to the audience and never came out after the show like the other bands to say hi to the fans.
    The other opening band claimed he was in his own private trailer drinking some pretentious liquor.
    In conclusion: Michael Cera is actually quite rude and unfortunately has let fame get to his head