Eye Color and the Perception of Beauty

We read somewhere that brown eyes typically give an illusion of a larger pupil, because of their tendency to darken at the pupil. Generally, the characteristic brown iris also can give more depth to the eye that you don’t find in lighter colors, which tend to flatten a bit. So the question remains – do eye color make a difference?

A user from Reddit presented the idea through photoshop again with darker pigmentation around the pupil and outer iris edge that you see typically with brown eyes. “I think it kinda makes a big difference” she said.

  • Beschamel

    Here you go, Megan Fox with brown eyes and Keira Knightley with blue. I think the brown looks more natural on Megan on this pic. I think it all looks great, just have to get use to it.

  • Axls_chick

    I don’t think these photos can be the proof of light colored eyes are much more attractive. The photo selection on this one is not good. We can argue that the subjects are not beautiful or these are not the most flattering photos of them. Plus, these girls naturally have blue eyes. Natural color of the eyes are mostly the best suited ones for people.
    I wonder if it would be the same if you had put, for example, the photo of Kim Kardashian (a naturally brown eyed girl) and made her eyes blue. Would the result be better than the natural? I doubt that.