Facebook Closing March 15? Is it Really Shutting Down?

Have you heard that Facebook is closing March 15?  Apparently, rumors claiming that Facebook is shutting down March 15 are all over the web, and that has plenty of people worried.  If Facebook is closing March 15, people are going to have to be a lot more productive at work!  But is Facebook really shutting down?  The answer, logically, is no. Here’s why.

Facebook is a behemoth, a billion-dollar service that has users and advertisers smitten. Obviously, it would be foolish to shut down the service. If Facebook was closing March 15, Mark Zuckerberg would be throwing away a fortune (not that he doesn’t already have one).  But Facebook shutting down would leave a massive gap in the social network, so don’t worry, it’s unlikely to occur at this point, certainly not by March 15.

Facebook Closing March 15?

So where did the Facebook closing March 15 rumor come from?  Apparently, an opinion piece on how a $500 million investment into Yahoo! video – which was slated to shut down March 15 – would affect Facebook sparked the rumor.  Although that seems an absurd cause of the Facebook closing rumor, internet rumors have been sparked over less ridiculous causes, so we wouldn’t be surprised.

Just rest assured that Facebook and your little FarmVilles aren’t going anywhere.

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  • Quevana Star-girl Matthie

    them naa close down ntn and i dont want them to !!!!!!

  • Alexis Ingles

    please please pretty please dont shut face book down thanks

  • Abdullahicmx

    if face book closing time is near i will get more rest then now thanks guys for closing facebook

  • Mary Sharen

    In truth .. If they close face Book .. I believe it is for every one’s Best interest in some ways Safety is Number One!! ,But as far as getting to know different people out there and feeling like some one cares and they truly do ! I have enjoyed and am very thank full to of had the Chance !!

  • Anonymous

    id play wow forget myspace thats bs

  • Daniel


  • WsyneMR

    They need to close down Myspace. That’s for whistle blowers. Trying to shun pike and lock innocent ppls. up. That is why a lot of ppl are leaving and joining youtube and facebook. Cause they feel more comfortable. than around a bunch of hot ass U.S. Marshalls, and local and Intl.law enforcers. Trying to purposely catch ppls. in the wrong. When they are really not. Trying to forcefully, have you communicate w/ the wrong ppl. when you really don’t want too. One time you couldn’t even operate a computer unless you was 18 yrs. or older. Now they are gonna put the mf’s in out territory, just to put us in the wrong. And forcefully on top of that. Ole hot ass Police network. Facebook, and Youtube don’t do that. Close down Myspace.

  • WsyneMR

    They need to close down Myspace. Ole Police entrapment ass network. It destroys my comfort zone to know they are trying to set innocent ppls. up

  • nothing

    super plane? you fly on SUPER PLANES?!

  • Stacy

    Well, I personally would miss fb for I tend to travel alot. I started a myspace acc way later then the FAB & then closed it cuz it was Super boring to me! Yet, I enjoyed facebook. Super plane, easily guided… and I would miss facebook. I can live without it, for, I do have a Life outside the computer yet it is easier to keep in contact with my family & friends via this network. I am NOT looking for dates nor BS ON these sites.. just a fine way to see pics, k.i.t & well… find thoe who you have lost contact. So hopefully it doesnt go away.. but if it does. my pics are saved on my Computer… haha!! Yet, as much as fb is making.. I seriously dout it will go away.. yet Never know! Anything is possible.. the man is rich & if it is annoying him that much..who knows. He may also just assign someone else to do the annoy parts.. idk. Yet, thanks for the information.

  • kate

    OMG poeple need to chill you just have to go back to myspace or MSN, get a grip its just a social networking site that has only been their a few years. stop being sooooo sad its just not right

  • mamun hadejia

    we need facebook more than any communication network, wit it, by it, through it,in it, we reach out to trace our lost track of relationship. Facebook is not going any where!

  • jeanett

    i would not be on the computer as much but i don,t think that facebook is going anywhere

  • fauzey

    it just hoax!

  • lorenzo

    I don’t think it will shut down if so it will not be anytime soon face book is making to much money and we know money is tight right now so you u face book fans keep doing ur thang.

  • John Wills

    No, not 15 March, but FB will stop being used one day; just like friends reunited, and now myspace… My objection to facebook, twitter, myspace, linked in, etc, Oh! Google as well, is that they are all obsessed with gathering data and selling it – all web services do this now. web 2.0 social things are not about providing a quality means of communication, but that they (FB…) create platforms soley for gathering user data. No body clicks on ads anymore, nd AdBlock for firefox helps with hiding annoying ads