Global Fund Accused of Fraud, will U2s Bono Halt Donations?

News reports that Bono’s global fight against AIDS faces a major setback, as the Global Fund has been accused of corruption. While Bono’s charitable efforts to improve the lives of millions around the world are some of the most far reaching and well-respected in the celebrity world, the Global Fund faces scrutiny for a gap in excess of $30 million in its accounts.

Bono’s Project RED Charity is one of the major donors to the Global Fund to combat AIDS and HIV.  However, this could change if the fraudulent receipts and accounting practices that have been uncovered are real. Countries such as  Sweden and Germany have suspended funding towards the Global Charity until an audit can be made of the remaining funds, which total around $10 billion.

  • Davida Smyser

    I like it when it is displayed in a more prestige way myself

  • angelaprout

    I work at (RED) and we wanted to make sure that you have all the facts.

    The fraud outlined in this article did not involve (RED) money. (RED)-funded grants represent the best performing programs within the Global Fund’s extensive portfolio of AIDS grants in Africa.

    And the Global Fund has some of the most stringent monitoring and accountability standards in the world. It was the Global Fund’s own Inspector General who uncovered the findings and when they did they took immediate action to recover misappropriated funds and to prevent future misuse of grant money. Note that these incidents of fraud represent only a tiny amount of the money in the more than 145 countries in which the Global Fund works.

    Fraud and corruption is sickening, but it’s even more appalling when it is a matter of life and death. We are grateful for the Global Fund’s commitment to saving lives while rooting out these issues and dealing with them quickly so the more important work can continue.

    To date, programs supported by The Global Fund have saved 6.5 million lives through providing AIDS treatment for 3 million people, anti-tuberculosis treatment for 7.7 million people and the distribution of 160 million insecticide-treated nets for the prevention of malaria. You can read the Global Fund’s response to these recent articles on their website at they are also accepting comments and questions on their Facebook page at