New Zodiac Signs: Zodiac Change Introduces 13th Sign, Ophiuchus

There are some things you assume are never going to change, such as your annoying neighbors or the Zodiac signs. However, you can’t assume too much, as new Zodiac signs were introduced today, thanks to astronomer Parke Kunkle, who claims that the earth’s alignment has changed so much that new Zodiac signs are required, including a 13th Zodiac sign, Ophiuchus.

Upon closer inspection, it seems that new Zodiac signs were long overdue, as the original system of Zodiac signs was introduced nearly 3,000 years ago.  However, the alignment of the sun and the earth have not remained constant, so the Zodiac signs have to change, as well.  According to Parke Kunkle, the alignment of the earth has changed so much that a new, 13th Zodiac sign, Ophiuchus is now necessary.

Check out the new Zodiac signs below to see if your Zodiac sign has changed!  Are you a fan of the Zodiac change, or would you rather stick with the old system? Let us know in the comments!

You can learn more about astrology and Zodiac signs right here.

New Zodiac Signs

Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18 – May 13
Taurus: May 13 – June 21
Gemini: June 21 – July 20
Cancer: July 20 – Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10 – Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16 – Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30 – Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23 – Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 – Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 – Jan. 20

  • True Aries

    regusrdless of what any body says I am an Aries not a Pisces… Ophiuchus, I dont think so…

  • guest

    People, people don’t you see what the new name is?
    o – phiuc- us
    o – f**k – us

    This has to be a joke!

  • Syntaztix

    I always knew I was an Aquarius!!

  • mona

    i was born on 13th may, so am i a tausrus or aries? However that is useless thing to tend. There are so many important things than zodiac to be taken care!!!

  • Bryan Strathman

    I am a Libra and my girlfriend found out about this today, and she says im a virgo now, i say BS on all this, as most people have said here, I took my first breath as a Libra and i will take my last one as a Libra.

  • momo popo

    half of you are ridiculous. if you believe in the zodiac than you believe in how the science works. which means there is really nothing to debate here. if you live to be 5000 years old your sign will change multiple times, thats just how it works. be mad at yourself for not learning how the zodiac really works in relation to our planet and the stars. when you were born this new calendar should have been in affect. instead of bitcing about how its now “changed” bitch about how it should have been changed in the 1700s probably! mooo

  • Melani St John

    Will never change to Capricorn!! Aquarius is my sign and always will be!!

  • mommyof2

    I think this is a crock of **** after how ever many years of astrology being laid out how it has been to just all of a sudden change it no thanks who ever decided this is absolutely stupid!! u should of thought of this millions of years ago!! people tell me its for people who were born after 2009 no thats BS how can only certain years be effected doesnt make sense and all this stuff is BS i am a scorpio to the T and always has been!! and always will be my kid is a leo and this new one is either a capricorn or aquarious not none of this new dates shit!!

  • lalala

    you are gay

  • anon

    The guy that is getting credit for all this, actually said that he never said to add this 13th sign, just that it is used. Seems that media just took it and ran with it just for something to do. BTW, you are who you are. You don’t have to have a newspaper horoscope tell you. Doesn’t matter if they want to add one.

  • richard

    i reject this i say we all just pretend it never happened im stilla libra period

  • scott ells

    I took my first breath as a Aries, and when i take mt last breath i will die as a Aries.. My the Gods be with you

  • alis

    I was born as Leo and I will die as Leo. just because SOMEONE is BORED I won’t change what I believe I am.
    and if its about the earth alignment change – well when I was born, 24 July ment leo. so as far as I§m concerned I§m still a Leo.

  • anonymous

    What? I like being a saggitarius!

  • Jack

    Right on! Leo’s cannot even relate to Cancer. I will always be a lion!

  • luis

    This makes no sence as scorpio is only six days where the other signs are fifteen days if the earth is out of alignment then our seasons should change also I live in new england and our winters are coming later and later.what other things need to change? How about daylight savings time!

  • jerry loius

    i don’t know is still zodiac

  • Heather

    This doesn’t make sense to me even though my sign did not change (Taurus). You have 4 signs that are fixed, mutuable or cardinal, something along those lines and this system now throws all of that out. It leaves you with odd numbering and 12 signs made more sense. I don’t agree, but it does make me wonder if fear of change in astrology is likely, since the star system does move over a period of time…

  • sherman

    i will always be a gemini… all this because of some goober with a telescope wanted to make history..he and his people are idiots..the people that created this are dead, we cant change what they did…..and this dosent change anything.. i will always be a gemini

  • Anca

    No thanks!
    I love my sign (scorpio) not going to change into a bloody virgo just because you say so :/
    Screw this new horoscope!!

  • Gayle

    from being a libra to a virgo?
    if it’s a necessary I don’t think I can adjust to being a virgo
    I’m used to being a libra and no matter what changes happen I’ll still be a libra at heart

  • Bethany

    This was done, more than likely, because Jesus’ brithday appears to have been April 17, 6 BC (when 3 planets aligned to form the bright star of Bethlehem. This makes Jesus an Aries, sign of the Ram (sacrificial lamb).

    Now the scientists are trying to make Him Pisces to represent the fish.

    This is all BS, and another form of controlling people. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

    I was born a Leo, and will die a Leo. Stop trying to change my sign to Cancer. Go to Hell!

  • Anonymous

    No you shut the fuck up.

  • lanett

    not a cap anymore? YEA RIGHT!!

  • kenny

    well i was born a gemini.. so i stay a gemini, but my problem is what sign do i look under in my horoscopes since now my birthday is now under taurus even though i’m a gemini..

  • Nary

    WHAT THE HELL? I’m an Aquarius and I’ll always be an aquarius! never Capricon! they r winter ppl and I’m allergic to winter where did this guy got this from!! screw him! i want the old one back!

  • Ayano

    WTF PPL….anyone born after 2009, is gonna be affected. SO if you aren’t wearing diapers, drinking from a boob, or in preschool…STFU nothing has changed. DAMN.

  • Anonymous

    WTF PPL….anyone born after 2009, is gonna be affected. SO if you aren’t wearing diapers, drinking from a boob, or in preschool…STFU nothing has changed. DAMN.

  • Anonymous

    hell yeah! Amen to that bro!!

  • Katie

    Gemini to Taurus? …But I like my quirkiness :-(

  • Harry

    from being a Wonderful Gemini ….To Taurus ….WTF man ………..F*** 2011 …..!

  • Gunnylou

    How stupid!!!! Doesn’t this guy have anything better to do than screw up whats been the same for 3,000 years??? I will always be a Pisces….hope everyone else stays the same too,

  • Alex

    Born on June the 17th I can’t imagine being Taurus and not Gemini…too late; got used to that luck. too big a change for me…I’ll stick to my problematic Gemini

  • Alex

    Born on June the 17th I can’t imagine being Taurus and not Gemini…too late; got used to that luck.

  • Vincent Wright

    From Sagittarius to Ophiuchus???? NO THANKS!

  • melli

    No, this is crazy. How are they gunna change something that’s 3,000 years old?! Besides, 90% of people aren’t gunna change.

  • knumpcy

    Get F&@#$%! Nimrod! I am a Leo and will always be one!

  • knumpcy

    Get F&%@*^ I am a Leo and always will be!

  • kenny

    they admit the earth is moving off its axis, there is facts the north and south magnetic poles are switching. but no one believes 12/21/2011 is possible..
    people say its writen in the stars…. guess what you’ve been reading it wrong for most your life.. lol

  • TY

    i was barley a leo last time on the 22nd but now im in the middle so it doesnt effect me and proves that im a true leo

  • buda

    Old system is fine

  • anita

    Wow really what is this world becoming…changing zodiacs.. I don’t know about any of yall but I enjoyed being a scorpian I have or had the characteristic. All I just want to say is change the zodiac as how it usto be ill pretain that I was never a libra.. Not saying anything bad but I don’t have any characteristics of a libra soooo… CHANGE IT or the whole world is ganna be upset

  • Greywolf

    This whole thing was started by a report from astronomers, not astrologers. You know, the kind of scientists that say people like astrologers are quacks cause they hold to old world superstitions. What the hell do they know about the reality of the zodiac. The signs as we use them today were set in place about 2000 years ago and based on the planet, not where the constellations are. This is just a bunch of scientists trying to define others beliefs or values, and failing miserably. I bet if you ask the astronomers who wrote this report, none of them subscribe to the theories behind modern horoscopes and think this is hilarious how everyone is now scrambling to fit their new design. You know what and who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different…EVER!!!!!

  • Ashley

    How can you change it if its been for 3000 years??? Come on!!!! And why is it that it the signs start with a date. And then the next starts with the same date that the last one ended!!! Like come off it!! Go back to looking into when the world will end!!! That’s more believable!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i am not buying this… once a capricorn always a capricorn im not a sagittarius at all

  • jessica

    im on stubborn ass Taurus and i aint about to be no damn aries.. im not changin!!!!!

  • Aimee

    apparently it only applies if you’re born after 2009?

  • Cory

    Fuck this your Zodiac sign is the sign you are BORN under once a Sagittarius always a Sagittarius

  • Ricky Retardo

    Born an Aries and still remain one with the “new” Zodiac! Funny how all the 20-30somethings don’t want THEIR sign to change, but it’s OK if one is a newborn? Bwaaaahahaha! Believe me, 30 years ain’t squat compared to 3,000 of them! This change has been a slow, constant ever since astrology began 3,000 years ago. But the signs and dates have NEVER been adjusted. One dude wont change based on the fact he had a tattoo of his “old” sign! People, you are what you are if you believe in this crap, no matter what you “want”. The universe is ever changing – people, on the other hand, apparently are not! LMFAO!!!

  • Brittney

    This is a bunch of bullshit!!!!! I have been a Capricorn for 22 years now and I’m not about to change that!!!!!!!! I read my horiscope everyday and it fits my life so well….. plus I have a tattoo of my zodiac so I will still read the Capricorn horiscope every day and live as a Capricorn!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    So is this real? Or is this bs?

  • Eric

    Umm yea i call b**sh** on this one, it may be true for the new borns but, I read my birthchart one time and it was scarry dead on.. Aquarius for life

  • Jus

    Parke Kunkle is a douche and has no authority to change the Zodiacs… DO NOT LIKE! And will not abide by changes!

  • Kaylaxkitten

    Just because they add a new zodiac doesnt mean your zodiac should change because you should go by the earth’s alignment from when you were born. so it should just change from now on…so if you were born a cancer, you’re still a cancer because that is what constellation was in place at the time of your birth, the new zodiac signs have nothing to do with the one you were born with.

    if you change the zodiacs you’re going to have to change their meanings as well…so since gemini now covers a lot of where cancer used to be, the meaning of gemini will now have to be what cancer was, at least in my opinion because i was born a cancer and im a text book cancer and changing the name of my zodiac isn’t going to change anything…..i think this is stupid.

  • Bryan

    Keep it accurate, if you care anything about the integrity of astrology…..if you like name games then play monopoly.

  • SHEM

    i mean cancer til the day i die. 4get wat they talkn bout.

  • SHEM


  • Daniel

    I used to be a pieces.. wtf?

  • Me


  • Me


  • Ty

    I personally would to keep old system because i wouldnt want to change anything that authentic. I mean sometimes change is good but this change is bad. Because what are the people who has tattoos of the “old zodiac-sign system” and they are told that they not this sign or they not that sign.Its going to start a enormous up roar of the century.

  • kamii

    @ destini im with u on that i can never call my self a cancer LEO TIL I DIE BABY! lol i love being a lioness

  • kamii

    REALLY WTF! i was a proud leo now im a cancer me no likey!

  • Destini S.

    I will now and forever be a LEO, i will never commit to the life of a cancer!!!!!!!!!!! blah

  • menono

    i will forever be a libra, no matter what “new system” idiots decide to adopt.

  • bubbles

    I was born an Aries, I act like an Aries. I don’t have anything in common with a Pisces. From now until forever, I’m an Aries. Some things should not be messed with.

  • mandy

    I am furious – I have always been an Aquarius, I act like one and everything – they can’t just tell me I’m a Capricorn now?!
    I DON’T like the change.

  • Christopher

    Ok, so i found all this out at work today….i”m a Libra who is being told he’s actually a virgo….i still feel like and act like a libra….but apparently the laid back and mellow attitude of a virgo also applies……….i’m on the fence and am considering adopting both as my own.

  • Michelle

    I have been a Scorpio all me life, it describes me perfectly. With the change I am now a Libra, I do not fit in as a Libra at all!
    If they insist on changing the sign times they would do well to change the definitions too.

  • Bunni

    It’s worked just fine for nearly 3,000 years–why mess with a good thing?!?

  • Bethany Puntney

    I was born March 21st. I’ve ALWAYS been an Aries and I will always be an Aries. I don’t need anyone to tell me that I have to change my life just because they decide to change all the horoscopes or just because someone says, “The stars moved.”

    I say screw the new horoscope. Change it back! It’s never been changed before, so why do it now??

    Aries since ’96. Will always be Aries. <3

  • ggola

    I don’t like change. I still miss Pluto as a planet, I don’t think I can adjust to not being Taurus.