Bar Refaeli in ELLE Russia March 2011

Bar Refaeli truly flaunts in the all new March 2011 ELLE Russia edition. Not only she covers the magazine, there’s also an amazing spread inside. Check it out!

  • Marazakaryan

    Bar you are a miracle like your boyfriend

  • Rudi

    I don’t like these pictures. She looks like a wax figure. And I noticed her body changed a lot in the past couple of years.
    I cannot understand why someone still considers her a supermodel. She has never been a fashion model – actually she is a lingerie model. And she has only 4 or 5 remarkable achievements in her 10 years resume (only 1 major cover – the SI one – no Vogue, no big fashion brands, no runways). She collects 3 / 4 contracts per year, while the A and B – list models work round the clock, but she succeeds in getting a massive media coverage. Why?
    In her new campaigns she is so heavily photoshopped that she looks completely different and weird. Just take a look at the last papz pics posted in the gossip sites,she is a completely different person, more like a high school cheerleader. Why hiring and paying a model if you don’t like her body and face and you have to completely change her features? The explanation is in this Russian cover. They introduce her as: Leonardo DiCaprio Girlfriend.

  • Daniel Haim

    Yea, totally!

  • Reckon

    First af all it doesn’t look like it’s her. Too much photoshop. She is not that slim. She doesn’t have those cheekbones. Hair, eyes, lips, all look different like a plastic doll. In the first pic they airbrushed her legs (she put some weight on lately) but they forgot to put her knees back in place. Clothes always look cheap on her. Nobody would say they’re Dolce& Gabbana. Finally, looks like she is not happy to be there modeling, and she is giving the same impression in all her latest jobs. She is repeating the same poses and looks over and over, open mouth and dumb look, no personality, no creativity, gig after gig. Boring.