When will Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston rumours end?

After years of being apart, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston remain the subject of conspiracy theories, secret talks, dates, marriage discussions, fights and more. Will they have secret children together, will Jen move in, and Angelina Jolie move out?

When will the media hype over this ended relationship actually end? There comes a time when in movies we get franchise fatigue, but what about ‘gossip fatigue’?

The fact remains that Aniston and Pitt split up back in 2005. This marks the 6th consecutive year since that relationship ended, yet we continue to get conspiracy theories.

Although writers will tend to create imaginative stories for their readers, and ask questions about how the future could turn out, there comes a time when this becomes ‘in bad taste’.

If we were to add all the stories that were fabricated about the post Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston relationship, we would have enough material to keep a news site running for a year.

There are surely more interesting stories about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston that don’t have to crossover to their ended relationship, again. For our sake, turn the page, give them space, be professional, or at least come up with some new ideas.

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  • Anon

    It will end as soon as she stop talking about Brad like she did through Preze Hilton recently. She either gets boyfriends to promote her lame movies or talk about Brad or Angie or both via people or herself.

  • keixo

    go fly kite!

  • Kim

    If anyone should be denying rumors its Jen because the rumors make her look pathetic.as someone has said before when she gets her only family the rumors will stop. She will no longer be Poor Lonely Jen. It doesn’t help her cause that she told People she hasn’t hade a date in over a year and a half.

  • Daniel

    It’s true, absolutely right.

  • a fan

    her fans are buying the tabloids
    yeah right..
    her fans are the ones who hate the fact that this stories are still written..
    so, wake up..

  • Denise

    @stupid…..No, we don’t want Brad back with Jen, and neither does Jen. How can she find a man when Brangie have been all over the tabloids with this triangle? what guy would want that? She’s been bashed over the years by bloggers and fans of Brangie. What guy would want that? I wouldn’t be associated with a guy who was constantly involved in a sick triangle, and gets bashed by bloggers and fans. If I were an actress, I’d assume the same would happen to me, just by association. Why would I, or anybody else, be involved in such controversy, when most people, including actors, would like to lead a private life. It’s a known fact that Angie is a big mouth. We know all about her past. We know nothing about Jen’s past, (except what her mother wrote) which caused Jen to cut ties with her, because she’s a private person. When she was married to Brad their dirty laundry was not aired to the public. Don’t tell me it’s all lies, because most all stories about other actors in tabloids turn out to be true. It’s just so convenient to claim it’s just all lies regarding ONLY Brangie, that’s a little far fetched.

  • Tristen

    Over the past six years we’ve had to listen to all of Brad and Angie’s arguments played out in the tabloid. Brad was supposedly the one who drunk dialed Jen for support. Brangie have created this sick soap opera triangle, because they are both too immature to keep their mouths shut. If this weren’t the case, then why not deny the rumors that Brad was talking to his ex? He could have easily denied it, if it weren’t true, just as Angie recently denied wanting to adopt.

  • Mystique

    I doubt Angelina bitches to the press, I doubt Brad has secret meetings with Jennifer and I doubt Jennifer herself is still hung up on Brad. It isn’t just the Aniston fans that won’t move on Elena, clearly neither have you since you’re here bitching about fans. No fans on either side seem able to move on or forget and it’s quite honestly petty. Nobody actually knows any of them or anything that really goes on, it’s all speculation on people who wouldn’t give us mere mortals the time of day, that is fact.

  • Tabloid readers are stupid!

    Until Jennifer Aniston finds a man and births a child (which will be never) this crap will never stop. Her fans are the ones buying this tabloid BS. They still have this sick fantasy that she and Brad will “get back” together. Never mind the fact he left her 6 years ago and never looked back. The tabloids and the gossip sites will continue to pimp this lie as long as jennifer’s fan are still living in never never land.

  • Elena

    Susan you sounds NUTS. You don’t know Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt for that matter or what goes on in their home. Angelina has NEVER used the tabloids to trash Brad. If anything she speaks VERY highly of the man. When has Angelina bitched about Brad Pitt? All I see is a couple trying to raise their 6 children and a tabloid industy STILL trying to milk a 6 year break-up…cause Jen’s fan won’t move on.

  • Susan

    Angie has been using the tabloids for years to trash Brad every time she had an issue. It was like reality TV, only it was played out in the tabloids. Angie has always been known to be very open about her life, every step of the way. The good, bad and the ugly is what she can’t manage to keep to herself. She has caused this whole fiasco, because she can’t keep her mouth shut and she has to bitch about every minor thing. Is it any wonder why her dad said she had mental problems?