8 Careers Charlie Sheen Can Choose Next

After getting fired from ‘Two And A Half Men’ Charlie Sheen has many opportunities on the horizon but what would best suit his talents?

Getting a world record on Twitter and calling his ex bosses ‘Yellow Cockroaches’ was not enough to entertain the world’s former Best Paid TV star. If he can’t act, where could he turn to next?

8 Charlie Sheen career choices:

Show Host

Having the man with the greatest one-liners battle with personalities on his own show would be super entertaining. No need for fights on Jerry Springer when Sheen has tiger blood on his hands from the start.


Charlie Sheen in a spacesuit with a cigar is the perfect blend of modern day ‘Moonraker’ with attitude. Give him a space station he can grow ‘herbs’ in.

Fighter pilot

‘I’m an F-18 bro’ The comedian in Sheen would get an adrenaline rush from bombing wooden crates from the sky, or maybe real moving targets?


“Ill Have a Charlie Sheen burger with French Fries” He could create his own meals, with recipes and ingredients only he would find.

Stress Management Coach

Charlie Sheen knows how to deal with stress. From losing his kids, to his job, and keeping a winning mindset, his coaching abilities are epic.

Vietnam War Vet

Even though the war is long gone, he could still suit up and relive the ‘Apocalypse Now’ experience with his father (If they ever stop fighting) but could they claim a pension from a filmed war?

Motivational speaker

How enthusiastic is Charlie Sheen? With phrases such as ‘bi-winning’ and ‘dyin’s for fool’s’ he packs a positive speaking tone that resonates with audiences.

Fitness Coach

Despite banging 7-gram rocks, the actor does a grueling daily workout, and knows what it takes to keep fit despite abusing drugs and alcohol on a massive tiger-scale.