Is Charlie Sheen Dead Video Link is Facebook Virus

This time, a celebrity death hoax isn’t just obnoxious – it’s potentially damaging. Bloginity has learned that the “Is Charlie Sheen Dead? video” link is not only false, it is a virus. This is just the latest of a series of viruses spread through Facebook, and this one is particularly clever, as it capitalizes on the 15 minutes of fame that Charlie Sheen is enjoying due to his inane rants and highly quotable interviews.

According to the mythology of the “Is Charlie Sheen Dead?” scam, the actor died of a heart attack, which is believable, considering the amount of cigarettes he smokes. Look out for posts or Tweets that begin with “Exclusive Video,” “RIP!” or “Breaking News” and say that Charlie Sheen was found dead at his house.

ZDNet, which was taken in by the scam earlier today, reported that the following happens:

“Any of the above [links] will lead you to a fake YouTube page such as TouTube or FbTube. Clicking on play prompts you with the following message: ‘Please complete a 30 second survey to verify that you are human.'”

As of this time, Charlie Sheen is NOT dead, but your computer could be if you fall into this trap. If you can’t get enough Charlie, click here to watch Two and a Half Men online.