Red Bull’s Art of Motion

London based image production agency FACTORY311 have produced some jaw-dropping imagery for Red Bull’s Art of Motion Free Runner Event.

They were asked to create imagery that demonstrates the motion of the free runner and these are the results. The atmospheric images they have produced catch a moment in time, posing free runners against London’s iconic Architecture. They have used layers of photographs, taking shots of each element and bringing them together, to create the final piece. Using a number of post-production techniques FACTORY311 have created a number of images that possess a sense of drama that will have you doing back-flips.

The Red Bull Art of Motion Free Running event took place last night at the National Theater on London’s South bank. Now on national release the images are available for all features and reviews. See Email for all contact information.

FACTORY311, a London based Image Production agency, represent some of the best creative talents from across the world. Begun in flat no.311 in the rainy North of England ‘311’s creative director, Nicholas Hardy, embarked upon his creative journey with only his computer and a small team of creatives at his side. With a passion for creativity and ‘what feels right attitude’ Hardy has now built a factory of image specialist whose creative services span the globe.