The Ionic Bulb Spotlights a Bid To Save the Earth

The Ionic Bulb will be the backdrop for Luminaries from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, art, business and philanthropy who will gather at Christies New York in Rockefeller Center on March 29th to make a ‘Bid to Save the Earth’. This is the second annual Green Auction and the first partnership with ‘Runway to Green’, a fundraising model that brings together influential fashion designers who are teaming up to raise funds, educate and create awareness for the environment.

One of the co-hosts for the evening is Salma Hayek and the Master of Ceremonies is popular comedian Seth Meyers. The ‘Green Carpet’ will welcome environmentally conscious guests including Chevy Chase, Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen, Tommy Hilfiger, Jason Wu, Michael Kors, Diane Kruger, Rachel Roy, David Lauren and Lauren Bush, Sam Waterston and Anna Wintour among others.

The fashion and entertainment community has long been at the forefront of the ‘Green’ movement as evident when Leonardo de Caprio arrived at the Oscars in a Toyota Prius. Since that time, innovative eco products are immediately recognized and embraced by the forward thinking creative set. Recently, Michael Lombardi, one of the stars of ‘Rescue Me’ asked to have his entire house outfitted with Ionic bulbs.

On the evening of March 29th, there will be a live auction featuring fantasy auction packages followed by the Runway to Green fashion show with a performance by a surprise musical star. The 26 designer selections from the Runway to Green collection will be available online through NET-A-PORTER.COM. These initiatives will provide much needed funds for environmental groups and organizations. The inaugural Green Auction held on Earth Day (April 22nd) 2010 raised $2.4 million.

Every day the world is moving in a greener and cleaner direction. Starting in August 2010 home décor giant IKEA began to phase out incandescent bulbs from its shelves. This change is a direct result of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, legislation that encourages retailers to stock more energy efficient products and motivates manufacturers to make them. These actions are a pre-cursor to 2012 when the Act will begin a broader phase out with the ban of 100 watt incandescent bulbs.

The Ionic Bulb, a CFL energy-saving bulb that will meet the new government issued criteria for 2012, also cleans the air in a 100 square foot area. Built right into the bulb is a microchip patented air purifier that silently emits negative ions that continuously clear indoor air of allergens, pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, and odors. Though this powerful purifier works every time the bulb is illuminated, the Ionic Bulb generally lasts for 10,000 hours and uses 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb of equal brightness.

In today’s eco-conscious world, the Ionic Bulb benefits the environment and makes becoming a better green citizen as easy as turning on a light bulb The Ionic Bulb’s ENERGY STAR qualified CFL eliminates pollutants indoors, is recyclable and most importantly does not release ozone as can be the case with bulky standalone air purifiers

  • Rock The Reactors

    The iconic symbol of the green lighting revolution is the LED light bulb, not the CFL compact fluorescent, which consumes twice the energy of LEDs, and contain mercury.

  • lighthouse

    No light bulbs should be banned…

    There is no present or future shortage of energy sources for electricity
    justifying telling what paying consumers can use,
    especially since the overall USA energy savings from light bulb regulations
    are less than 1% anyway,
    based on the US Dept of Energy’s own statistics ( )
    -remember the politicians keep including non-incandescent street and
    industrial lighting in the usual high US usage percentages quoted.

    Much greater, and much more relevant, energy waste savings arise from
    effectively organized electricity generation and grid distribution,
    and from reducing the unnecessary use of appliances:
    rather than from stopping people in their choice of what appliance to use.