Kim Kardashian Song “Jam” – Worst Song of 2011? Audio Evidence Says Yes

In a stunning, surprise blow to the English language, millions of teens and twenty-somethings will soon be screaming, “They playin’ my jam” countless times within three-minute spans all across the country.

The source of this assault on the integrity of the English language is none other than Kim Kardashian, one of the many famous-for-being-rich celebrities attempting to style themselves as modern day renaissance men and women by entering every arena of entertainment possible. The latest entry is Kim Kardashian‘s new song, “Jam (Turn It Up)”, which you can hear below. But consider yourself warned – this is the least original, worst-sounding and soon-to-be most-overplayed song of 2011.

Perhaps that was harsh. Let’s try this again – if you like vocals drowning in synth (think Eiffel 65 times twenty), a recycled club beat that appears on every song that gets sweaty tools grinding on alcohol-impaired girls, lyrics that are as repetitive as they are vapid, celebrities trying too hard to connect with the “common folk” via the discussion of bills and phrases such as “Feeling good, feeling great, just got paid”, or rhymes that would have made a 5-year-old Dr. Suess look like Robert Frost, then “Jam (Turn It Up)” probably is your jam.

Enjoy (if possible). You can find Kim Kardashian’s other “contributions” to the world of entertainment right here.

Kim Kardashian: “Jam (Turn It Up)”