Mickey Rooney Elder Abuse Horror: Actor was “Prisoner In His Home”

It turns out Charlie Sheen isn’t the only aging actor revealing disturbing information this week. Screen legend Mickey Rooney revealed he has been a victim of elder abuse Tuesday, explaining that his wife and stepson had abused him for several years. According to Mickey Rooney‘s elder abuse testimony, Christina Aber and her son, Christopher, kept Rooney as a “prisoner in his own home,” denying him food, taking financial assets and refusing him medication.

“I was eventually stripped of the ability to make even the most basic decisions,” Rooney explained to the Senate Special Committee on Aging. “My daily life became unbearable.”

In his testimony to draw attention to the horrors of elder abuse, Mickey Rooney also revealed that Aber, his eighth wife, and her stepson abused Rooney for so long that he eventually felt helpless.

“When a man feels helpless, it is terrible. And I was helpless,” said Rooney. “For years I suffered silently, unable to muster the courage to seek the help I knew I needed.”

Although elder abuse is often considered to be confined to nursing homes, and is often lampooned in films such as Happy Gilmore, the abuse of innocent seniors is a widespread problem in family homes as well. Rooney urged the Senate to make such abuse a serious criminal offense in order to halt this “emotional blackmail” as quickly as possible.

“I’m asking you to stop this elderly abuse,” Rooney said. “Stop it now. Now tomorrow, not next month, but now.”

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Mickey Rooney Elder Abuse Speech