Pamela Usanto to sell ‘Lumiere’ Collection to Benefit Japan

Pamela Usanto Help Japan 278x400Pamela Usanto will be spending the day in her showroom selling pieces from her ‘Lumiere’ collection, with 100% of profits going to the red cross.

I have been watching the tv closely for days now…and I have to say I am mortified with the news and the after shocks that the Japanese are experiencing.

Personally I feel like going to help physically. I have checked the red cross website, but I think it will be a difficult process for them to take me in.

So I thought what other way can I help, and I figure I will donate 100% of the profits of my garments for the red cross. I went online and get information from the website where I can donate online, link below:

I have made my decision, this Tuesday I will be at my showroom from 12pm onwards, I have a couple of pieces from my Lumiere collection, I will bring them with me and if you are interested in helping the people of Japan through this collection, please do come by and support this cause