Selena Gomez encouraging youth activism

Young stars in the entertainment industry like Selena Gomez are turning into part time activists.

Sure, activism has always been around but to see young people take up the task and to make it so visible adds so much more to the cause of giving. Taking a look at Selena’s role as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, her role in raising the profile of their work has been a tremendous boost to the organization.

Twitter has also been a foundation for encouraging activism through reminders, and reaching out to fans about good causes. This in turn is creating momentum and a desire for teenagers to give, and get active.

Charity work can be a lot of fun, especially as you get to work in a community that is actively pursuing the same goal. Young people have the social media reach the older generation doesn’t even look at, so why not empower them.

As the movement for helping people gets more publicized and talked about in social media, it is becoming more fun to get involved. Isn’t that a great part of giving? Next time you get on to twitter, why not start a campaign of your own, and get your fans and friends to help out.

Selena Gomez UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador