A List of Ten Celebrities who Should Host the 2012 Oscars

So the critics have vented their frustration and admiration for Anne Hathaway and James Franco, but who should we demand for next year?

Well, since the award ceremony just ended, it would be premature to start auditioning show hosts but why not?

James Franco was seen as the weakest element in this year’s hosting talent, and ratings fell 7%, but it may be an unfair criticism to blame him directly. Anne Hathaway managed to jump around and keep people entertained, but still, her performance didn’t have the panache of Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes.

Top 10 2012 Oscar Show Hosts

Hoping that the world won’t end next year, this my top 10 list of choices to host the 2012 Oscars. Some of you may find this list ridiculous, but this is what makes Award ceremonies that more interesting.

1. Steven Seagal: This would be hilarious if his co-host was the complete opposite of him. He is by far the least likely person in the industry to ever get recognized at the Oscars, and to put him on stage would create instant laughs for decades to come. Just make sure he doesn’t have access to weaponry.
2. Liv Tyler: How sweet is this girl? You just want to give her a hug. The charm of Liv could make the Oscar audiences shed a tear, and opposite Steven Seagal, would provide so much laughter that Oscar seats would need rebuilding.
3. William Shatner: Did you see his live studio take on Cee-Lo’ Green’s F*** you? This guy could bring an audience to their knees in laughter, and would appeal to older and younger demographics. Plus, he has no rules and commanded a star-ship.
4. Arnold Schwarzenegger: This would be a humorous casting and a great choice for bringing a crowd together. Arnold knows how to make a speech, call out ‘Girlie Men’ and make people feel relaxed, except when he asks them to ‘get to the chopper’, or ‘get down!’.
5. Oprah: She’s larger than life, if she wants to be, has bags of Charisma, has more fans than any TV Network, and inspires audiences. Why not call it the Oscar Winfrey Show?
6. Bruce Willis: Who can forget Bruce’s all orange suit on David Letterman? If he wants to be funny he can be, and while many may feel Bruce to be a borderline military general, he would be a great pick opposite someone else.
7. Billy Crystal: He is a maverick of the genre, and creates a great atmosphere, engaging audiences with light humor, without extravagance and the ‘dumb’ factor, plus he’s already done it.
8. George Clooney: The Oceans 11 star has ‘presidential charisma’, and the public speaking ability to engage his audience. Everyone in the industry knows him, and he probably speaks more for them than anyone else. He is also notorious for pranks, and would probably announce his wedding with Brad Pitt on stage.
9. Charlie Sheen: The most on the edge TV star could be the perfect blend of unpredictability engaging enough to make an audience compelled to see what he will do next. Just don’t bring the drugs, hookers and stretched limo onto the stage.
10. Lady Gaga: Imagine she comes out at every interval in a different outrageous costume. Who knows, she might make her grand appearance in an egg timer, then start cooking for Oscar guests.