New Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Photos: More Naked Pictures Emerge

For someone who portrayed such an innocent character on High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens is no goody two-shoes. Why? Once again, Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures have hit the internet, and again, the photos have emerged at the same time that a movie featuring Hudgens is in theaters.

Timed perfectly for the release of Sucker Punch and Beastly, the new Vanessa Hudgens leaked photos feature the 22-year-old flashing the camera and kissing other women. Apparently, Hudgens has not learned from her mistakes, as Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures have “leaked” in 2007 and 2009, as well, around the release of High School Musical 2 and Bandslam, respectively.

In the past, Hudgens nude photo leaks have spurred apologies from Hudgens, who has said she is a “private person” and has called the leaks “so mean.”

Are the new Vanessa Hudgens leaked nude pictures a coincidence, or a marketing opportunity for her new films? Discuss your views in the comments, and check out Vanessa Hudgens’ body of work, so to speak, right here.

  • Both of my kids absolutely love Vanessa Hudgens but after all these scandals I am really concerned if this might affect my kids moral in a really negative way? I saw all the nude pictures of Vanessa on and I must say I am upset!

    How can it be allowed to release pictures like this to the public? Vanessa Hudgens is supposed to be a role-model to kids and teenagers and not a p*rn star!!