Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview Spoof Video: Mind-Numbingly Inane

If you needed more evidence that Charlie Sheen is losing (or has already lost) it, then check out the video below. In it, Charlie Sheen creates a spoof of his now internet-famous 20/20 interview, which spawned a laundry list of highly quotable and utterly idiotic phrases – check out the best Charlie Sheen quotes right here.

Although a massive amount of parodies and Charlie Sheen spoofs have already been produced (though the seemingly psychotic actor needs no spoofing), Sheen decided to make his own, in which he attempts to top his own over-the-top outrageousness. The results, as you might imagine, are embarrassing and mind-numbing, which is de rigueur for Charlie Sheen fare. The Charlie Sheen 20/20 interview spoof video, called Charlie Sheen: The Unedited Version, is the lamest Sheen-centric contribution to popular culture yet, and is literally painful to watch. At some point, Sheen should probably stop attempting to cash in on his “look at how crazy I am” act, but we’ll see if that ever happens.

Let us know what you think of the Charlie Sheen 20/20 interview spoof video in the comments. Die-hard Sheen fans can watch Two and a Half Men online right here, and find dates and tickets for the Charlie Sheen: My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is not an Option show right here.

Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview Spoof Video